A few of the tribe come together, the warmth, the laughter, easy sharing, caring, catching up, so good, so good.

What does the tribe do? Some how through some magic, a sense of belonging, knowing, acceptance, concern. It fortifies, reassures, comforts.

My tribe? At least two. SCHS85, SCU89. When I’m with these people the thick thread rises up from the ground, pulls taught, a line from then until now. In this moment, I know this, I’m better with them, for them, the tribe, my people, stories, lives lived, it gives, power.

The tribe gives power, the tribe let’s love shine through, let’s love shine through.

Freestyle Love, G.M.D.

GMD, why do I think of him like that? My family, big on initials of names, for some reason.

GMD, my material grandfather, George M. Downing, not frowning, just thrownin’ words down,

For him on his birthday, 107, not here anymore, still deep within me, spirit living on, as it should be.

A doer, a leader, an educator, a learned man, number guy, Doctor of Ed. after his name, dedicated career, then shifted,

Rancher, cowboy, great grandpa, through and through, hunter, fixer, not much of music mixer, read a lot, deep in it, ready to win it, or so it seemed,

Did, a solid vocation, then on permanent vacation, not relaxing, always working, making, creating, tending, mending,

What would he say about me now? Some how, I think he’d give a nod, not the form or the norm, my path different, yet the same, in the game, not backing down, like him, not backing down,

Grinding, making, creating,

Bobbing, weaving, some grieving,

Still going, somehow ever knowing, on the right path,

Loving nature, outside, words, ideas, going forward, ever-knowing, trusting,

in Him.

Happy Birthday, GMD.

People Helping People

It’s a simple idea. People helping people. It’s a simple act. Anyone can do it.

It’s an easy choice. If someone needs help and you can help them, do so.

If each of us took this approach, things would be different in our neighborhoods, in our communities, states, countries, different for the better, in our workd

People helping people. An example? A handful of people with an understanding of where there is excess food, and how the redistribute it, to people in need, people who would otherwise be hungry…those handful of people provided for near 200 families today.

It was inspiring; it was humbling to be a part of that effort today. It was simple. People helping people.

Let’s all do a little more of that. Amen. AMEN.

Bruce Howard Ludlum

Born this day, 85 years ago, gone from this earth now just over three years, my father, Bruce Howard Ludlum.

Remembering this day. My own son and I too, we have the same middle name as my dad. A small tribute to him, and to our family.

A great man he was in the most solid ways. He always supported me; he helped me; he played catch; he showed me the way to be faithful; he never gave up.

So lifting this one up, a drink, prayers, and love, it will never die. I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday.

Compromise 2

The way forward.


“Not every disagreement on every issue requires a war; that’s not reasonable; that’s not responsible leadership.

We elect our leaders to govern; we expect our leaders to govern.

If you’re not protecting our people and moving our society forward, you’re not governing. You’re not doing your job.

The Gang of Six, 2018.

The Gang of Eight, 2013.

The Grand Bargain, 2007.

Consider the art, the duty, of compromise. I believe it’s a fundamental trait we humans possess, and must adhere to, to co-exist in the world. We are a social species, which means we are meant to live together.

To live together, in this world, in this country, in our community, in our family, we must hone the skill and willingness to compromise.

Compromise: the path forward.

Up and Down

Up and down things go, every hour, every day. Moods, fortunes, progress, or lack there of.

Sometimes, maybe frequently, the best we can do is keep going. Sometimes the best we can do is take the step forward.

Let’s do that today. Up or down, when things settle, go forward. Let’s go forward together.


To be alive right now.

To be the parent of these three amazing kids.

To have the family I have.

To have the friends I have.

To have seen the concerts I’ve see.

To have clothes on my back, shoes on my feed, a roof over my head, and food to eat in abundance and variety and quality.

To have the job I have right now, and the career up to this point prior.

To be inspired every day.

To come back to the same foundation every day: