One of my son’s heroes and model of how to be. Catboy.

Disney Channel’s kid show, The PJ Masks has this character, Catboy. He’s the leader of a kid superhero trio.

The PJ Masks show is a great one for kids, I think. The trio do typical superhero work, but also face normal challenges of ego, selfishness, and other very ordinary obstacles we all face.

But usually by the end of the episode, they have realized their weakness, their struggle, and have found a path to overcome. With an inspiring, “It’s time to be the hero!”, they save the day every time.

Of course, in real life we don’t save the day every day. But we do have the chance to be brave and do the right thing.

So here’s to that!, and our own trio we have at home.

My son’s own interpretation of this wonder in blue, Catboy!

First-World, Any-World: Trials and Joy

Often things don’t go as planned; and certainly, they don’t always go as we’d like. That’s a common theme in life.

A few First-World samples below that teach Any-World lessons.

1/ Adapt and overcome obstacles at work (and anywhere); don’t get frazzled. Pause, take a deep breath, take the next step.

2/ If your path to where you want to go gets bogged down, even to the extreme of Route Closed…don’t give up; find another way.

3/ Find joy with those that matter most. Find it in the simplest things, like music, like a little play time, like a welcome pause to the day.

The “Blue Screen of Death” always gives the user pause.
Not the usual, not most direct route home from work.

Then we get a simple joy we should always celebrate (if you’re a parent) – a little quality time with our kid. Then, especially then, be reminded.

Listening to a little Pokemon during bath time.

Let the joy, not the schedule, win the day.

Up the Ladder

Another day started with a loose plan, some things on the list, and then circumstances demand adaptation. A morning of easy pace stayed too easy, timing slipped, and we duly adjusted.

It’s usually after the initial realization that things aren’t going in the exact-planned trajectory, that’s the most difficult. It’s also the time to make the choice to respond positively.

I wasn’t really planning on going up the ladder to put Christmas away in the garage rafters, but it quickly became an easy win to pursue. So I did. Up and down the ladder to adjust the rafters’ contents a bit; then up and down with boxes full of holiday decorations.

I made the best of it, mindful to work my core and my balance along with it. No falls, Success! Sunday afternoon was looking up.

The rest of the day played out pretty well too. Not just for me did it go well, but with the kids and my wife too. We had a couple bumps with the kids, but they came through ok. A few errands got completed too: Bonus!

And it was all possible because we were all willing to go up our own ladder for the day, to a place, and get things done along the way.

Wait for it…GOOD.

Unconditional Love

Wise people? I think wise people learn lessons from all sides, all sources, all situations. Or at least they strive to do so. Unconditional Love is a good topic to be open to for lessons from all sides. And while humans can certainly exhibit unconditional love, I’d vote for dogs as the most consistent example of this powerful ideal. In that light then, I offer up our family dogs Mia, and Zona, full of unconditional love.

They’re outdoor dogs, as we’ve had little kids growing up the whole of their lives. Plus, our son is quite allergic to the dogs’ dander. That said, they’ve got a pretty good life.

Watching the fence for cats.
Watching the arbor for vermin

They live in the backyard, with access to the garage and double dog beds. They get two meals a day, walks most mornings, and treats on occasion. They love when the kids come out to say hi and explore — and the two of the three kids enjoy petting them. Both dogs are good listeners, and quite gentle. We’re lucky to have them as part of our family. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of their unconditional love.

A Little Slice of Joy

Recently went out to the Central Valley to watch our nephew play basketball, and also celebrate my brother -in-law’s birthday.

It was a little slice of joy on Sunday afternoon in Turlock, California. Lovely drive, lovely weather, fun adventure, great celebration.

Nothing fancy, mind you; all the same, I had a definite sense of family, and gratitude at the chance to be together and doing something outside the usual.

I love the Central Valley. Much of my mom’s side of the family lived out this way. Some of that family is still out here. It’s a different feel, a little more low-key, a little more old school. Not the same hustle and bustle and congested population as where we live. It’s a nice change for a bit.

The wife and I had a nice conversation on the drive too; that was a wonderful bonus. We don’t get much time to just chat with three little kids.

Of course, there’s plenty to do at home, plenty on the list.

That said, taking time to “live a little”, and not merely attend to chores and tasks well, that’s a little slice of joy.

We need more of that. Or maybe we need it more frequently. Or both. At least I do.

I bet you do too. Next time you get the chance for a little adventure outside the norm, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you made the time for a little slice of joy.

I know I was glad to get the chance. And I look forward to the next time. Soon.


Three Minutes? GOOD.

Tick-tock, good flows through my head. Three minutes until dinner, thinking about tomorrow, what’s so good?

Been a great day, got lots done, me, my honey, the kids. Great weather today, kids playing out front, letting off some steam.

Tasty beef and some roasted broccoli for supper, timely manner for a change, gonna be yummy. Warriors on the screen, dinner game viewing, nice Saturday eve treat.

Looking forward to an afternoon road trip to The Central Valley on the ‘morrow, gonna see fam, sing happy birthday, birthday lunch for my bro, in-law, GOOD.

Gonna be good, gonna good, three minute blog post? Just about, GOOD.

Family? Naturally, GOOD.

Scenes from a day off…filled with gratitude for the time, the opportunity, the day off, my family, intentional thankfulness the mission and goal.

Back for another visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, good weather served up…
There was a stop at one of the several kid play areas: my crew, I love them.
A stop at the kelp forest, never get tired of these colors, the height, the wonder of what’s beneath.
The penguins were so good they were worth two stops today –
There was a bike ride interlude – down the path toward Lovers’ Point
Number Two’s blue helmet made it easy to see as he peddled on, his second day with the bike.
Some big picture learning about the area eco-system, the goodness (and necessity!) of the local wetlands.
The second visit of the day to the penguins featured this gal, Bee.
The ride home was slow for a long stretch, which allowed for a good pic to the west, as the sun set.

We had a fun day as a fame. It wasn’t without a couple mishaps, but (thankfully!) nothing too serious.

Big lesson for me beyond the obvious fun? Attitude set to good (and reset a few times as needed) made all the difference.

We were blessed with a great day.