Troika: Adjust

It was 157am when I heard the crying from the other room. I shot out of bed and across the hall to the kids’ room. My oldest daughter was whimpering in bed.

She hadn’t been feeling well the day prior; now she was struck down by fever.

And so as I cared for her in the small hours, I also realized my well-thought plans for productivity the next day had just slipped by the way-side. Oh well,


Funny thing, in a jeff sorta way. This is the third time I’ve used that word in a post title. Apparently a repeat theme in my life. Or maybe in life overall.


Priorities change, situations change, and so? When life doesn’t align with your plan well,


As the Hawaiian surf rock singer, Jack Johnson, sings, “….when you move like a jelly fish rhythm is nothing you go with the flow, you don’t stop…”

Go with it, baby, don’t let the change get ya down,


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