My name is Jeff Ludlum and I write with one goal in mind: to share, motivate, inspire.

I’m a dad x3: 11, 10, 8. I’ve got One Mission: Make it GOOD. my cornerstones: Optimism | Resilience | Fam/Biz/Life

“Half Full, All GOOD” captures the mission nicely:  To maintain a positive attitude and share that energy with the world.

How exactly do we do that?

Think positive.  Be thankful.  Find good things wherever and whenever you can. Look on the bright side.  Then, bundle all that UP and share it with those around you.

Bottom Line?  Create more GOOD.  For yourself.  Then for others.

Join me.  How?  Get UP and go. Let’s make it GOOD together.

Contact Info?  Email:  jhludlum@yahoo.com   Twitter: @jhludlum

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    1. Hi there, Kerrie — Not sure I ever said thank you…so, THANK YOU! Really appreciate you taking a minute to send that note last month. Next time you talk to Reggie, give him my best, if you would. Good Dude. Take Care, -jeff.

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