Simple Blessings

Friday night, front end of the three-day holiday weekend.

Everybody ready for bed by eight in the evening, relaxing, screens fired up, and kids winding down.

Room lighting just so, a fan blowing gently behind me, easy breeze, hum, glow from the screen on the wall delivering food network fun, light, soft-brain goodness. What’s on? “Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.”

That’s about it.

Brain slowing, blood pressure easing up, sleep soon on the way. And up ahead? Well, nothing but home time and family time for the weekend.

Simple. GOOD.

Thanks, Guy.

Guy F., (Right), “Diners, Drive-In’s, & Dives.” Food Network

It’s Complex

SCU Complex. LNU Complex. CZU Complex. Ah…what?

Not new vitamin supplements; rather, each a name that’s been given to one of the three wild fires currently burning in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In Santa Clara County (south bay). In Sonoma (and neighboring) County (north bay). In Santa Cruz County (further south bay).

Hill communities. Suburban communities on the fringe.

Already Pandemic Life. Already Distance Learning for our children. Already Work-From-Home for many; or working under additional constraints “on-site.” And of course, the Essential Workers grinding it out in even more extreme ways often.

The physical toll. The mental toll. The emotional toll. Those last two are different. The mental is adjusting your practices, routines, expertise to cope and hopefully thrive in the new set-ups. The emotional is the ups and downs along the way.

Hopefully we’re getting to more ups. Hopefully the downs aren’t as deep.

It’s complex.

The Next Right Thing

Pretty frickin’ powerful lyric for a cartoon “kids” movie.

Learning the lessons young, amen to that.

“The Next Right Thing”

(from “Frozen 2” soundtrack)

I’ve seen dark before

But not like this

This is cold

This is empty

This is numb

The life I knew is over

The lights are out

Hello, darkness

I’m ready to succumb

I follow you around

I always have

But you’ve gone to a place I cannot find

This grief has a gravity

It pulls me down

But a tiny voice whispers in my mind

You are lost, hope is gone

But you must go on

And do the next right thing

Can there be a day beyond this night?

I don’t know anymore what is true

I can’t find my direction, I’m all alone

The only star that guided me was you

How to rise from the floor

When it’s not you I’m rising for?

Just do the next right thing

Take a step, step again

It is all that I can to do

The next right thing

I won’t look too far ahead

It’s too much for me to take

But break it down to this next breath

This next step

This next choice is one that I can make

So I’ll walk through this night

Stumbling blindly toward the light

And do the next right thing

And with the dawn, what comes then?

When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again

Then I’ll make the choice

To hear that voice

And do the next right thing

‘Frozen 2’ Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez

Milestone: Nine Hundred Posts!

A simple celebration, a simple milestone to take pause and note, there are now NINE HUNDRED POSTS to this site, “Half Full, All Good.”

This blog has become what many bloggers find, a frequently used outlet to share thoughts, insights, reflections, inspiration. Such a blessing, at least for me — hopefully for you all too on occasion.

My tip for anyone interested in blogging — get out of your own way and do it.

Nike was right: JUST DO IT.


Every day.



It’ll be…



10 days into the month. 1/2_Full, All GOOD blog off to a good start for August.

Much MUCH appreciated.

More GOOD getting out there into the world, and the ready therapy of writing having a smoothing effect on this crazy time, calming, settling, just the salve needed.

That’s the tip for the day: WRITE.

Bonus Tip: Express gratitude often.

ONWARD, and Thanks Again~

Spam and Rice

Simple food, simple joy comfort food, comfort, full stop.

Easy to make, made with love, for the taste, for those who will taste, it, tasty treat, simple, good.

Rice cooker steams, warms the kitchen. The crackle as the frying pan fries, little meaty cubes, sizzle sizzle sizzle; something like bacon, tho’ not as much grease, but much the same salty, savory taste.

Mix ‘em up, nice and hot, stir it up, bowl after bowl, plate after plate, delicious it’s true, delicious, for you.

Simple, soothing, in your head, on the spoon, more than just food, joy, comfort, good.

Open Letter to My WordPress Peeps: How to Grow?

My people, it’s time for a direct question to all y’all out there, especially those of you with more Followers than I — which I think is everyone : – ) .

A humble request for guidance, coaching, lessons on how each of you, any of you, have grown your base. How did you do it? How do you do it?

I’d be grateful for any organic thoughts you might share. Of course, I could “Google it”…but I’d rather learn from you all.

Thanks in advance for any comments you might offer.

You can respond in “Comments” or,

If you want a little more direct, extended, and private channel, my email address is: ~

: – )

#gratitude #socialmedia #letsgrowtogether #happyweekend

The New Normal

Strange times right now. I’ve been saying that for some, thinking it a lot more.

The current COVID-19 pandemic, this situ bares in stark relief the bigger picture frame I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Circumstances changing, expected some, some not expected; no matter either way, change, adjust we must.

These neubulus images offered, just what does it all mean? It all amounts to the “New Normal”, the new standard, the benchmark to strive to.

The New Normal means what you, we, I should expect, work to, live to, each hour, each day.

Seems to me this idea plays to a theme I return to again and again: access, accommodate, adjust. What next? Adapt, and advance toward the goal.

At home with the family during Shelter In Place Times? The New Normal.

At home full time with three little kids responding to their needs, moods, wants? The New Normal.

Working from Home as best we can, finding creating space to do so, time to do so. Strive to still do good work in new environ and confines and pace? The New Normal.

Responding to new demands to the position you have at work, the work you do, what the job, what the market requires? Well, maybe this isn’t really the New Normal.

On this front, it’s just normal. It’s always how it’s been. It’s how it will always been. Figured it out, solve the problem, hit the number, finish the project, then…?

What’s next on the list, what’s the new goal, revised or otherwise? It’s Normal. The same principles apply, in a new way perhaps, but apply they do.


Get after it. And make it GOOD.

Smack Down

Learning can be very challenging. VERY CHALLENGING.

Sometimes you find yourself in the mud, the thick, and it sucks. You make repeated mistakes, same issues, and it’s confounding, really…troubleshooting, reviewing your process, trying to understand why the errors are happening.

It can feel like a smack down. A SMACK DOWN.

It’s abrupt; it gives one pause. It strikes at self-confidence, belief in one’s own thinking and awareness, and capabilities too.

The way forward?

Deep breaths. DEEP BREATHS. A few seconds pause; maybe even a few minutes. Reset. RESET.

You may even find when you climb out of the mire, you may even discover that things aren’t exactly as you perceived them. Maybe other factors were at play. Maybe it wasn’t even entirely your fault.

WHEW. And if it was entirely your fault? Same process, of course. And WHEW anyway.


Onward. ONWARD.

Blog Like a Tweet: “Do More Good.”

This idea for me, “do more good” translates to “post daily.” Get the good out there. Whatever you got. Share it.

Sometimes it’s thin, and just a “blog like a tweet”…but the last four months of 2019 laid the groundwork for a new and productive writing habit into the new year.

This upside, a nice pick-me-up when I consider the tasks, projects, goals still on the list, looking at me with skeptical eye. The contrast typical of life I suppose, always things done and more to do as well.