Half Full, Happy Anniversary, All GOOD.

I started this blog three years ago this month, July. At the time I was looking for a way to share some thoughts, some insights, and further the good in the world.

Not sure how much good I’ve done, but I’ve definitely shared a lot of thoughts. Gotten some positive feedback along the way, which is good for me if nothing else. And I’ve certainly learned a lot.

I plan to continue blogging, sharing, pursuing the GOOD in this manner. I’ve also got another avenues coming down the pike later this yesr.

I’ll have an e-book up in the fall, before the holidays. It will be a sort of coffee table book, a short volume, about being a new dad. It will bring a little humor, and hopefully inspiration, to fathers. 

 I’m also designing a short podcast I’ll produce and share periodically.  Same goal: share a little insight, further the good in the world.

So whether you’re new to this blog,  or have been along these last three years, thanks for reading. Please share it with others. On we go toward the GOOD.

Misc Weekend

Trying to convince my three year old son to try dance class. NOPE. For that go anyway.

Back yard spruce. REALLY? Yep. A little goes a long way.

Beef cuts? Top serloin is close enough to tenderloin.

Chinese lady in the liquor store, 3 bottles of merlot? Dressed in earth tones, including a ball cap over shoulder length hair, never got off her iPhone.

“I don’t do swag” t-shirt on dude driving a red 328? Paradox of the valley.

The pink stretch hummer limo at the rose garden? Love the picture celebration location, in grandiose style.

Wife working half day Sunday means morning adventure time for the rest of us. Off to check out the new school where our oldest starts in 10 days. FUN!

Playground etiquette? Kids and I need to tune in.

New week underway. GOOD.


On this day, the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius, a series of ideas and prayers from Jesuits. It starts here: AMDG. “Ad majorem Dei gloriam.” The Jesuit motto, “For the greater glory of God.”
Prayer for Generosity: Eternal Word, only begotten son of God, teach me true generosity.

Teach me to serve you as you deserve.

To give without counting the cost, to fight heedless of wounds, to labor without seeking rest, to sacrifice myself without thought of any reward save the knowledge that I have done your will.


-attributed to St. Ignatius

“Behold God beholding you…and smiling.”

– Anthony De Mello, SJ.

Friday Faves, Issue #14

Another edition of Friday Faves (delivered on Monday), served up hot and fresh after spending the weekend in the slow cooker.  ENJOY.

Destination of the Week: Tucked in the middle of Austria, a little gem called Leoben

Quote of the Week: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~Winston Churchill

Band of the WeekI can’t fight the feeling any longer. Gotta go with REO Speedwagon ~ 80’s heavy hitter. Epic ballads that made your heart ache.

Meal of the Week: Filet Mignon ~ Anniversary dinner over the weekend. This review isn’t mine, but it could be. I had the same experience (less the margarita, and the four-month old baby).

Website of the Week: One of the best places to land on the web when you want down-to-earth perspectives from people just like you. And this particular piece was both uplifting and motivating.  Not sure if you can improve your lot in life?  Read on.


REMINDER:   Your comments are always welcome! LOVE to hear what you have to say, GOOD or otherwise.  If you fancy twitter, you can follow more of the muse via that micro-blogging site:  my handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Faves, Issue #9

This edition of the Friday Faves brought to you by the letter “G.”

Destination of the Week:   The Orange Free State.  Saw this place on a world map from the 1980’s.  It was in southern Africa.  The string of learning that ensued about colonialism in Africa, the Boers, and the role of the Dutch East India Company was swift and enjoyable. One more reason to visit South Africa if you get the chance.

Quote of the Week: “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way”.” –  Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Band of the Week:  A band that has morphed throughout the last forty years, no doubt.  But with (at least) one constant, the band leader Arturo Sandoval.  Great interview here to get to know him, the sample of samples of his sound, with his mentor, Dizzy Gillespie, and something more contemporary.

Meal of the Week:  “I’ll die before I give you that BBQ sauce recipe.”  This makes me hungry.  And itching to smoke some beef ribs or brisket. Might happen this weekend.

Website of the Week:  And it follows from the Meal of the Week, straight up good meat makes good eats. Find it here.

There ya have it, peeps.  Your comments are always welcome.  And you can follow more of the muse via twitter.  My handle is @jhludlum ~

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday Faves, Issue #8

This edition of the Friday Faves brought to you by the songbirds in the front yard.  ENJOY.

Destination of the Week:    A town in the far south of Germany, near the border with Switzerland.  Ancient village.  Horse Parade every spring. Birthplace of a good buddy at work. Check it out.  If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely, visit Weingarten for a taste of ancient Europe.

Quote of the Week:  “It is so.  It cannot be otherwise.”  Attributed to an inscription on the wall of a cathedral in the Netherlands from the 1500’s.  Keep in this quote in your mind everyday.  It’s a good starting place for acceptance and progress.

Band of the Week:  Punch Brothers. Ahhh, who?!, you might ask.  Five dudes. Chris(mandolin), Noam (banjo), Gabe (violin/fiddle), Chris (guitar), & Paul (stand-up bass).   NPR was the likely channel.  So much more than just a “band”, per se. Example?Watch this bit on their residency at Oberlin College  HERE.

Meal of the WeekPho‘, aka Vietnamese soup.  On the menu today.  Been looking forward to it since Monday.  I’m planning on a variety with wonton, egg noodle, & chicken.  Gonna be DELICIOUS, I’m betting, at a place called Khanh’s just down the street.

Website of the Week:  Paul Salopek is walking. A long way. “Out of Eden“, is what they say.  How long?  How far? A seven year, 20,000+ mile journey. From the birthplace of our modern species in Ethiopia, through the Middle East and Asia, over to the Americas, and down to the Terra Del Fuego.

And you can join him.  It’s only just started really.  Here’s an update from the road, and good sample of Salopek’s awesome, engaging style of writing.

And that’s the skinny for this week.  Comments are always welcome.  And you can follow more of the muse via twitter.  My handle is @jhludlum ~

Have  a good weekend!