Friday Faves, Issue #8

This edition of the Friday Faves brought to you by the songbirds in the front yard.  ENJOY.

Destination of the Week:    A town in the far south of Germany, near the border with Switzerland.  Ancient village.  Horse Parade every spring. Birthplace of a good buddy at work. Check it out.  If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely, visit Weingarten for a taste of ancient Europe.

Quote of the Week:  “It is so.  It cannot be otherwise.”  Attributed to an inscription on the wall of a cathedral in the Netherlands from the 1500’s.  Keep in this quote in your mind everyday.  It’s a good starting place for acceptance and progress.

Band of the Week:  Punch Brothers. Ahhh, who?!, you might ask.  Five dudes. Chris(mandolin), Noam (banjo), Gabe (violin/fiddle), Chris (guitar), & Paul (stand-up bass).   NPR was the likely channel.  So much more than just a “band”, per se. Example?Watch this bit on their residency at Oberlin College  HERE.

Meal of the WeekPho‘, aka Vietnamese soup.  On the menu today.  Been looking forward to it since Monday.  I’m planning on a variety with wonton, egg noodle, & chicken.  Gonna be DELICIOUS, I’m betting, at a place called Khanh’s just down the street.

Website of the Week:  Paul Salopek is walking. A long way. “Out of Eden“, is what they say.  How long?  How far? A seven year, 20,000+ mile journey. From the birthplace of our modern species in Ethiopia, through the Middle East and Asia, over to the Americas, and down to the Terra Del Fuego.

And you can join him.  It’s only just started really.  Here’s an update from the road, and good sample of Salopek’s awesome, engaging style of writing.

And that’s the skinny for this week.  Comments are always welcome.  And you can follow more of the muse via twitter.  My handle is @jhludlum ~

Have  a good weekend!

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