A Nuptial Homage

I’m sure in previous posts I’ve written in [at least] adjacent reference to my better half, SCL.  I could go on and on about so many different traits she has that make her a great person, friend, woman, partner, and mother…like most guys who love their wife, right?

This post is intended as a simple, straight up homage to SCL’s focus and drive to achieve goals once she sets them for herself.

First, a nod to her history as a runner.  I’ve been an off-again on-again runner all of my life, and I was interested in getting back into it around the time we met.  That was ten years ago.  SCL would say, “I only run three miles, on flat terrain.”  Ok.  But that didn’t last.

Her true nature as a determined, powerful runner, both over varied distance and terrain came to the fore.  Before long three miles over flat terrain gave way to her running multiple 30-hour relay races in the San Francisco bay area.

She has also completed several half marathons, both before having kids, and after.  In fact, she made it her practice to train and run a half marathon after the first two of our children were born, part of her own special “13.1 mile postpartum therapy.”

Another area where SCL has shone strong include her volunteer service via Junior League (JL) and in particular, her event and club committee leadership provided to JL.  The interesting thing is, she decided to join Junior League at pretty well the same time we started growing our family.  But she wanted to do more, wanted to give back, wanted to develop her skills, and she’s done just that.  All the while as our family has grown considerably.  And about that…

When we decided to have kids, SCL decided early on that she wanted to give birth via means of natural child birth.  We’ve had now three kids in four years, and she delivered each of our children with nothing more than the watchful eye of medical personal, my humble support efforts, and her own (gained) knowledge about that matter and will accomplish the feat. Three Times.  I will always take my hat off with great respect for her courage, will power, and ability to cope with pain and discomfort in the context of bringing our kids into this world.  AWESOME.

And then there’s her cooking.  SCL is a self-proclaimed “bad cook.”  I don’t happen to agree, but she doesn’t think she does a very good job.   I’m not culinary expert, so I can only speak from my own experience and enjoyment too as a novice who likes working in the kitchen.

SCL brings her usual focus and creativity to the task of cooking for our family via slow cooker recipes, and finds, plans, purchases, preps, and readies the vast majority of our family meals.  Even shares some of the meals she cooks with family and friends.

With time being an extremely limited commodity in a house with three kids under five, we have to be efficient (and patient) to be successful.  At one point earlier this year SCL prepared 34 meals in a two hour period (or something like that), cutting and chopping, zip-lock freezer bagging and labeling, and filling our deep freezer with a bunch of meals to be cooked day-of as part of our strategy for providing home-prepared food for the family as often as possible.

So whether it’s running, cooking, or giving a little extra to the community, SCL is all that and a bag of chips.  Super happy and grateful she’s my wife.

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