Father’s Day 2018, Maui

This final day of family vacation before we make the journey home, appropriate that today is Father’s Day.

This the day began.

The three that made me a father, the three that make me a dad, better than I could be otherwise.

We wandered the town. We learned a little about the islands. We enjoyed the shade of the oldest Banyan in the country.

We waited in line. We ate shave ice. Again.

Simple things with the people that matter most. Family.

One last gathering this eve, one final celebration, island-style.

We’ll celebrate family, celebrate being together, and soak up some final energy to top off for the regular life that we travel back to tomorrow.



Soak it up. GOOD.



What, like the island, “Midway”? No, although from where I sit just now (West Coast, Maui, Hawaii), that’s kinda funny.

What I’m referring to is this feeling I knew I’d have, “midway” through this awesome vacation.

Today begins Day Four of six full days on the trip. We still have ALL of today, three FULL days before we leave. And yet I woke up thinking, “It’s almost over…!” Ridiculous.

So it’s a good time to reflect on all the cool stuff that’s happened, and more to come. Funny what we get muddled up in on vacation, and funny how we get off track with the main objectives: relax, take a break from the regular life pace and schedule, and enjoy. ENJOY.

Hanging with ALL

This pic was from the weekend. What’s up just now?

Monday Funday rounding out with some simple chill time with the kids solo. My wife has to work tonight, so it’s me and A.L.L.

Upside: Everyone’s in a good mood – which is a plus for three kids under eight. The TV is helping me on that front, full disclosure. Everyone ate their dinner in reasonable elapsed time, and there have been no protests (touch wood) to bath time yet. Might get to bed on time tonight (jinx).

Not so up? I have some family management, white collar chores that will likely push until early tomorrow.

Oh well, that’s life. I forgot about my wife’s schedule, and overbooked on my evening expectations. Not happy about falling off a bit, but I’m not willing to up the stress level to get things done.

Gonna chill. That’s my choice, and I’m going with it.

And one more up?

I got a short blog post out of it.



A high school buddy asked me via Messenger, “What are you thankful for…?” I replied, “The list is long, my brother. I start the day with the simple stuff: my health, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, the same for my family, thankful for my wife, for my kids, for the job I have to help provide for the things out family needs…and on from there. Each thing, as often as I can: for hot coffee, that turn signal that changed in my favor, and on and on…you get the idea.”

It’s simple. BE THANKFUL.

A Dad’s List, #4

1. Maybe my wife said it best, “A Tuesday that felt like a Monday.” All good though, where it went sideways, tried to learn.

2. Not always easy; see above.

3. Generosity that was a little unexpected. Learning from that too.

4. Need a haircut.

5. Sometimes two peeps you think will get along don’t seem to; or at least they have differing approaches. Learn from both.

6. Kids drawing on a big sheet of paper? Priceless.

7. Green Roobios? GOOD.

8. Not much time to write a full blog post, another list will have to do. I think it does.

9. Diet off the rails a bit; more in quantity than quality.

10. Lots to do. Tomorrow is another day.

Bonus: Big Hug from my son!

A Dad’s List, #3

1. Trying to teach your kids about Memorial Day; it’s a process. It starts with values, and love, and sacrifice. There’s more, of course, but that’s a good start.

2. Morning walk, hot day, tired children.

3. I may be damned, but Thank You, endless kids’ shows.

4. Thankful the sprinklers are working for another season.

5. Bright sun, long sleeves.

6. Lime flavor has become a top three for me.

7. Glad to have slip-on garden shoes.

8. I love my family and the plants in my yard, too. Example? Bougainvillea. Long, mixed relationship. Overall? GOOD.

9. Make sure your kids are hydrated.

10. Full Circle: REMEMBER.

A Dad’s List, #2

1. Getting the kids in the mix, vacation planning continues.

2. Pancake breakfast muffins. YUMMY.

3. Singing songs from “Moana” in the car.

4. Holiday weekend. Another night for BBQ. Old school. GOOD.

5. New kid show (for dad): “Bat Pat.” Thank You, Netflix.

6. Visiting Grammy, backyard chat in the afternoon shade.

7. Kids picking up the loose fruit from the trees.

8. Middle age back aches.

9. Considering American foreign policy and policy makers. It’s complicated, for sure. Not much to my liking currently.

10. Remembering King Tut.