Reflections: Tribe, Time Off…Transitory?

As I wind up a few days with old friends, in a place that I find particularly peaceful and restorative, I reflect,

Just what is it that makes this time so valuable, powerful, desired?

How can I create more of this mindset in my daily life?

How can I make the hustle and bustle of work life and home life and everyday slow, feel more peaceful, more sustainable?

Questions, always questions,

Striving, always striving.

“The Mexicans”

c. 2008

My brothers. Love built over a lifetime of many touches,

Shared experiences,

Periodic, sustained sharing and togetherness,

Sincere respect and appreciation and joy when together,

Together just enough through,

Weddings and children,

Divorce and death,

We’ve supported and sustained and been there uniquely for one another,

Always finding our way back to together.


Respite, Recharge, Coast

The elements.

The sounds.

The feelings.

Neskowin has the particular magic only a coastal place offers. I love the mountains too, for sure, but,

Well the ocean is the x-factor, for eternal goodness, sound, vibe. I love it.

And this particular coastal place, there’s just few places like it that I’ve been to that make me feel like this place does.

Calm, centered, whole.

And the people I’m with? They have the same effect on me, really. My brethren, these guys have this particular energy and insight that always fill my bucket.

Lyrics Post: “Cheeseburger In Paradise”

Such a good song. Makes my mouth water.

: – )

This song, particularly timely as we head into this soulful weekend on the coast; making our usual stop at Helvetia Tavern, home of the Jumbo Cheeseburger.

Mmm mmm GOOD.

“Cheeseburger In Paradise”

Tried to amend my carnivorous habits
Made it nearly seventy days
Losin’ weight without speed
Eatin’ sunflower seeds
Drinkin’ lots of carrot juice and soakin’ up rays

But at night I’d have these wonderful dreams
Some kind of sensuous treat
Not zucchini, fettuccini, or bulgur wheat
But a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat

Cheeseburger in paradise
Heaven on earth with an onion slice
Not too particular, not too precise
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise

Heard about the old-time sailor men
They eat the same thing again and again
“Warm beer and bread,” they say, “could raise the dead”
Well, it reminds me of the menu at a Holiday Inn

But times have changed for sailors these days
When I’m in port I get what I need
Not just Havanas or bananas, or daiquiris
But that American creation on which I feed

Cheeseburger in paradise
Medium rare with Muenster’d be nice
Heaven on Earth with an onion slice
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer
Well, good god almighty, which way do I steer…

…for my cheeseburger in paradise?
Makin’ the best of every virtue and vice
Worth every damn bit of sacrifice
To get a cheeseburger in paradise
To be a cheeseburger in paradise
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer
Well, good god almighty, which way do I steer?

Writers: Jimmy Buffett

The Real Deal

Sleep and Your Brain

The linkage between sleep and brain disease (think Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions). Growing evidence.

Your body has processes established to help your brain stay health. Our relatively modern human practices sometimes get in the way:

think electricity and light at night, which allows us to do more after dark;

think personal and professional demands and working late, driving us to do more;

think our own sometimes reckless nightlife; think screens,

think entertainment of all types).

Deep Sleep in particular is apparently the time when our brain goes through the best “wash cycle” of  cerebro-spinal fluid to clear harmful toxins.

Bottom Line: Get more sleep, your brain will be better off.

Like I need another reason to do so.

: – )

So let’s get some more shut-eye. You’re brain will be happier. So will you.

The Elder, My Daughter / Partner

A fresh idea came to mind recently; I think it might have some momentum.

Elevate her, it helps us both.

Listening. Enjoying. Engaging.

In this new family model, we sure benefit from better cooperation and teamwork. Easier all around with everyone aligned.

Giving it a try, anyway.

It’s a new approach, expanded mindset on my part: how I relate and cooperate, to better accommodate our oldest, and better support the whole family.


Toward SoulTime: Quick Week Underway

Blessed to have another long weekend up ahead, taking a couple days off work to make it a long weekend on the coast.

Annual trip, maybe close to 30 years running, more or less. Same group of five guys, “The Mexicans” (my nickname). Early on in the tradition we went over the border to Mexico one year; we’ve called it “Mexico” ever since.

Soul Time, straight up. I’ve written about these guys, this annual gathering, several times.

This time helps me calibrate my perspectives; this time helps me broaden my awareness; this time fills my soul from hours on end with people I admire, learn from, love.

So so blessed.


Redux: No Fear

Several years back I wrote a piece about “No Fear” — at the time I mentioned “…in the face of the dragon…”, or something like that. I recall feeling strongly about the idea of standing up to things we might fear.

That theme has come up countless times, especially with my three kids, over the past five plus years. Fear comes up again and again. “I’m scared…”, it’s said all the time in our house.

What they sometimes mean is more, “…I’m anxious or nervous or uncertain about how things will go…”, something along those lines. Other times my kids are reasonably fearful, for one or another reason.

So fast-forward to more present time, I recently found this quite from the Brazilian author, Paul Coelho. I love it. It’s perfect. It’s on my facebook background. And now it’s also on the wall in our dining/living area at home too.

Let it be that we live this attitude every hour of every day.

“And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.”

— Paulo Coelho 

Parallel Play: “Spy Games”

Something I would have done 45 years ago: spy games. As in, I’ve got several bit metal items, used parts, screws, washers, nuts, extenders…

But in my imagination, spy gear.

Placed in inconspicuous spots, listening devices, imaginary.

Parallel fun at work, placing theses devices, monitoring. Will they be found?

We’ll see. That’s the fun. Setting them. That’s fun too. Moving them, also fun.

Making different devices from bits of metal. Goofy? Sure. Also FUN.

At work? In life? Have fun.

What can they be?