Lyrics Post: Children of SANCHEZ

My dad introduced me to the music of Chuck Mangione when I was a kid. I recall him not being a big fan of this album; I can’t recall for sure. All the same, this particular song stirs me every time I hear it.

“Without dreams of hope and pride a man will die

Though his flesh still moves his heart sleeps in the grave

Without land a man never dreams cause he’s not free

All men need a place to live with dignity.

Take the crumbs from starving soldiers, they won’t die

Lord said not by bread alone does man survive

Take the food from hungry children, they won’t cry

Food alone won’t ease the hunger in their eyes.

Every child belongs to mankind’s family

Children are the fruit of all humanity

Let them feel the love of all the human race

Touch them with the warmth, the strength of that embrace.

Give me love and understanding, I will thrive

As my children grow my dreams come alive

Those who hear the cries of children God will bless, oh yes he will

I will always hear the children of Sánchez.”

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Chuck Mangione

Children Of Sanchez Finale lyrics © Gates Music, Inc.

Diabetes and World Health: The Fight Continues

Diabetes is a global problem.

It’s on the rise in the United States.  It’s on the rise around the world.  And left untreated, diabetes kills people.

One of the main issues is, insulin therapy (what diabetics need to survive long-term), is expensive.

Many organizations work to help those living with diabetes, and working to reduce the number of people suffering this disease.

Lions Clubs International is one such organization.  Other NGOs are also in the fight.  Together with national health agencies across many countries, many resources from angles are attacking this global health epidemic.

In many cases diabetes is preventable.  Attacking the root issues for broader treatment is fundamental to long-term solutions with the disease, and will ultimately bring down the current high costs (i.e. for insulin, treatments for advanced cases and related health conditions).

We CAN beat it.  If we work together.

A succinct summary found here:

Anything but Novel

Wrecking havoc in the world currently, the novel coronavirus certainly is causing quite a stir. With hundred of people already dead from the disease and tens of thousands of infections on record, it’s a serious global health issue.

Listen to this ten minute podcast to get the facts; it’s interesting, will quell some degree of worry, and might just help you stay healthy.

Prez Day

Honoring George Washington’s Birthday, that’s the idea behind this federal holiday we have the third Monday in February. More that just Washington, it’s become a day to honor the current president, and all presidents that have preceded.

Well, I’m glad to have the day off work so I can hang with my family. Beyond that, I’ve got a mixed bag of thoughts otherwise around the idea of honoring all presidents that have lead our country.

As an institution and given our model of government, we need an executive to run the day-to-day operations of our government. Along with the legislative branch and judicial branch, and with the rule of law as our guiding principle, the president’s administration should lead the agenda as set by the majority, and hopefully beyond that, the will of the people in the whole electorate.

It doesn’t seem that our current president leads in this manner; but then that’s probably been said of others who’ve sat in that high office.

Our founding president was guided by fundamental values of decency and doing the right thing. As an example from his youth, consider “rules of civility” in circulation at the time that young Washington copies into his school notebook. Rule 1: “Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.” Rule 110, the last one: “Labour to keep alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Ce[les]tial fire Called Conscience.”

We’ve had the whole range of presidents in our country’s history; depending on your preferences and politics, your perspective on any of them, including the one currently in office, might differ.

In the end, and at this particularly divisive time in our national political discourse, it would be refreshing, and maybe healing too, if we could agree our president should lead by an ethos of the whole collective: drawing others together, inspiring, providing a voice for the vision of what is possible, and for the vast majority, and do so in an honest and forthright manner.

Happy Birthday, George, Happy Presidents Day.

Remember Me Out of Love

This refrain from Psalm 105 stands out for me this weekend. It’s from one of the Saturday readings.

In one of the loaves and fishes stories from Sunday, the motivation is similar: act out of love. Fundamentally, that’s what Jesus taught us. Act out of love.

Elsewhere in his teachings he boiled all the laws down to two basic rules: Love God. Love one another.

Let love guide all your actions and you’ll make the right decisions each time. Every time.

It’s not always easy, of course. Sometimes love is difficult to follow. But it’s always worth it. Always.

Celebrating The Girls

This weekend we’re celebrating our two girls’ birthdays, a joint gathering to maximize the participation and the fun. Bonus? My mom’s birthday is also in February, so we’ll sing her Happy Birthday too.

Thinking about these three people, and the massive effect they’ve had on my life, I share some simple, and maybe obvious thoughts. Obvious they may be, but regardless, they are profound.

My mom shaped much of who I’ve become, no doubt about it. She was a strong influence that guided me growing up, and lifted me and spurred me ahead to be the best I could be at whatever I was doing. That doesn’t mean being perfect; I’ve often been a far cry from that. It did mean making a best effort, and keeping a positive attitude, and never giving up.

So with my own kids now, these little girls my wife and I have as two-thirds of our brood, I think a lot about the positive influences my mom had on me, and what I can pass along in my own parenting. And I feel so SO lucky to have two daughters, especially after growing up in a house of boys.

I celebrate our two daughters, raising my hands to the heavens with thanks, and humbled by the role, but also sure of what’s possible for them. No better time has there been in history for women to rise, to be at the apex of any endeavor the aspire to, for the chance to shine. And so as we celebrate our three ladies this weekend, let it be said in the loudest voice I can muster from the fullest heart one can have, “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!”

Have Some Sense: The Riff Continues

What is our true place in the world? All around it comes at us: what to see, hear, feel, the big three, there like it or not, want it out not, it’s real and now.

What we do with it, how we respond to it, that’s up to us, each of us, each time.

Choose to make it GOOD. Here’s a sample from everyday, just a sample, what my senses say:

Winter lights on the front tree, shining bright in the pre-dawn darkness;

Warm coat against the biting wind on an early morning walk;

Shooter of apple cider vinegar to start the day: tart bite, cold water chaser;

Shake of the head, each dog with her collar on, jingle jingle jingle;

Cold water, one big gulp, after a long walk, thirsty;

Crackle of the wall furnace, heat slowing pouring down the hall;

First taste of coffee, hot; first taste of beer, crisp;

Fist bump greeting with a friend at work to start the day, good sign, warm feeling;

Soft skin on my kids’ cheek when I kiss each goodnight, each night;