Lyrics Post: “RESIST”

A song that might be below the radar for casual listeners of the Canadian band; however, RUSH Heads, true believers know the tune for sure. If you ever went to a show after this song came out, the band often played it as part of the set.

What to resist? So many things might fall into this category? This song spells out some pretty good thoughts on the matter.


I can learn to resist
Anything but temptation
I can learn to coexist
With anything but pain

I can learn to compromise
Anything but my desires
I can learn to get along
With all the things I can’t explain

I can learn to resist
Anything but frustration
I can learn to persist
With anything but aiming low

I can learn to close my eyes
To anything but injustice
I can learn to get along
With all the things I don’t know

You can surrender
Without a prayer
But never really pray
Pray without surrender

You can fight
Without ever winning
But never ever win
Without a fight

I can learn to resist
Anything but temptation
I can learn to coexist
With anything but pain

I can learn to compromise
Anything but my desires
I can learn to get along
With all the things I can’t explain

Writer(s): Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart

This Space

This space where we spend time gives me peace. Dark and cramp, in a tent in a backyard campsite.

Simple slumber on the ground with our children, their quiet breathing and bodies shifting position as they sleep.

This quiet time and place gives me peace. Thankful for this time and place. So simple, necessary during this quietly turbulent time.

World turned upside down, struggle to stay even and balanced; no big deal for some; sometimes it feels ok; most of the time it feels surreal; fundamentals of life shifting, unsure, existential threat.

How to adapt? How to keep our kids protected and secure, how to help them, us feel safe?

Steady, focus on the basics, rely on repetition and love, rely on love. From this space I can work; from this space I can know; from this space I can live; from this space I am sure I will find peace.

Peace in this space.

Let It Ride

When the kids want to play, if you can, let it ride. It’s a fine line, how far they go, but if they’re ok, let it ride.

Just recently I was thinking that might be a game on.

I don’t take the time too often to watch sports, and I thought that might be nice. But the kids were all playing in the front room where the tv is…so I nixed the sports viewing pretty quick.

They’re having a good time. Let it ride.

It’s a mentality that might be well applied often in a variety of context. The term is used in gambling, I think. When you win some portion of the bet, and rather than take the winnings and stop playing, you let the winnings “ride” and play again.

Let it ride.

I’m no gambler, but I like the term. I use it — and maybe lots of people do so – to convey, “let things remain the same…”.

Let it ride.

Maybe a bit of deeper wisdom there too. Often we seek change. Maybe human nature: wanting new stimulation, something fresh, better, different, more. Change is inevitable, after all.

But maybe sometimes it’s better to resist that impulse, maybe initially, to evaluate where you are, what you have, the “pros and cons” of changing X Thing…and maybe sometimes just letting it be. Sometimes maybe it’s better to let the Status Quo stand as is. Let the current circumstances or situation prevail.

Let it ride.


10 days into the month. 1/2_Full, All GOOD blog off to a good start for August.

Much MUCH appreciated.

More GOOD getting out there into the world, and the ready therapy of writing having a smoothing effect on this crazy time, calming, settling, just the salve needed.

That’s the tip for the day: WRITE.

Bonus Tip: Express gratitude often.

ONWARD, and Thanks Again~


This word rolling through my head, several images, thoughts coming to mind.


Hmm, maybe it’s the opposite: Several images, thoughts rolling through my head, and this word comes to mind.

Another dinner gone sideways, everyone animated about things mostly other than the plate of food in front of them. Stumble, struggle through — I do, everyone else on their own — and then I’m in the kitchen doing dishes while the meal-time silly melee continues.

I’m on the edge.

Should I be a hard-ass about all this behavior that’s so counter to what seems reasonable to me? Or should I just roll with it, kids will kids, last weekend before school (no lie though, it’ll be the same behavior next week too), everyone having fun, Dad, don’t be a grump…

So I sit on the edge for a while wit h those feelings, a few seconds anyway…then I think of The Edge, and U2, and the album “Rattle and Hum” — that proves to be my salvation. I grab my headset, find the album on Apple Music, and let it fly. As the songs tick through, as I wash the dishes, I care less about being on the edge.

Music has that effect on me, at least it did tonight. It took me away from the edge; it took me to a place thinking less about the struggle that was going on in my head; it took me back thirty years to how I felt about the music I was listening to, swept me up back in time, away from the edge.

Until next time.


In Parallel

One of my favorite concepts from geometry, imagery still floats in my head all these years, decades later. Parallel lines drawn with a ruler and pencil, precision work. Must have my dad’s influence when I was a kid; he was a math teacher.

I think of “parallel” in other context:

Often we work in parallel with others; most certainly we live parallel lives with those around us, our parents, partner, children, friends, neighbors.

How does that go? How should it go?

Maybe we live in parallel with our faith too, with God, whatever we think, imagine, believe God to be. What I mean by this is, there are whatever those ideals are around God, and then there’s our practical, day-to-day living and applying of those ideals.

Parallel, but maybe we cross over, cross lines, lose that orientation from time to time. Intersect, good or bad? Does it have to be good or bad? Can it just be?

Can we just be, in parallel, with those around us? My experience says, it’s lonely if we’re parallel all the time. I’d rather intersect.

12 days of Christmas and the Last Weekend Before School Starts

The kids and I, we’ve been camping in the back yard every weekend since the 4th of July. It’s been great fun. I’m delighted they say “Yes!” every weekend I’ve asked them if they want to do it again.

It’s a great example of their maturity, dealing with the sounds and mild discomfort and sometimes spookiness of it all.

As we mark this last weekend before school starts, I’m celebrating 9, 7, and 6; celebrating their adventure, their growth, their random requests that prove to hold new inspiration.

Example? Our youngest wanted to sing a Christmas song last night. So we did. Over and over and over.

What better song to sing in August than “The 12 Days of Christmas”…and maybe for the first time in my life, I sang it all the way through after a few tries without looking at the lyrics!

“12 drummers drumming 11 pipers piping 10 lords a leaping nine ladies dancing eight maids a milking seven swans a swimming six geese a laying five golden rings four calling birds three French hens two turtle doves and a Partridge in a pear tree.”

I did it!


Spam and Rice

Simple food, simple joy comfort food, comfort, full stop.

Easy to make, made with love, for the taste, for those who will taste, it, tasty treat, simple, good.

Rice cooker steams, warms the kitchen. The crackle as the frying pan fries, little meaty cubes, sizzle sizzle sizzle; something like bacon, tho’ not as much grease, but much the same salty, savory taste.

Mix ‘em up, nice and hot, stir it up, bowl after bowl, plate after plate, delicious it’s true, delicious, for you.

Simple, soothing, in your head, on the spoon, more than just food, joy, comfort, good.

Lyrics Post: “Here and Heaven”

Just what is it, a Goat Rodeo? According to a Slang Dictionary,

“A goat rodeo is a slang term for something going totally, unbelievably, disastrously wrong, and there’s nothing left to do but to sit back and watch the trainwreck.

In other words, a goat rodeo is a chaotic situation, fiasco, or, more vulgarly, a shitshow. And yes, there are also literal goat rodeos. 🐐”

And so “Goat Rodeo Sessions”, the name given to a collection of songs put together by four musicians, adding a fifth for a few songs.

The result is something wonderful. The blend of players and inspiration and fun and joy. Just what music should be.

Lyrics, one of the few songs given lyrics,

“With a hammer and nails and a fear of failure
We are building a shed
Between here and heaven between the wait and the wedding
For as long as we both shall be dead
To the world, beyond the boys and the girls
Trying to keep us calm
We can practice our lines ’til we’re deaf and blind
To ourselves to each other where it’s
Fall, not winter; Spring, not summer; Cool, not cold
And it’s warm, not hot, have we all forgotten that we’re getting old
With an arrow and bow and some seeds left to sow
We are staking our claim
On ground so fertile we forget who we’ve hurt along
The way and reach out for a strange hand to hold
Someone strong but not bold enough to
Tear down the wall
‘Cause we ain’t lost enough to find the stars ain’t
Crossed why align them why fall hard, not soft into
Fall not winter spring not summer cool not cold
Where it’s warm, not hot have we all forgotten that we’re getting old
And it’s Fall, not winter; Spring, not summer; Cool, not cold
And it’s warm, not hot, has everyone forgotten that we’re getting old
And it’s Fall, not winter; Spring, not summer; Cool, not cold
And it’s warm, not hot, have we all forgotten that we’re getting old?”

Song Writers: Stuart Ian Duncan / Aoife Maria O’donovan / Edgar Meyer / Christopher Thile

Here and Heaven lyrics © Chris Thile Music, Cosmic Seed Music, Yerba Azul Music