When we look closely, what do we see? Colors, images, layers in sight, inside, outside, what’s actually there? What’s imagined?

When we consider things repeatedly, over and over again, what do we find? What deeper meaning? What better understanding? Or do we allow ourselves to get lost? Lost in thought, muddled, searching in vain…?

I’m biased for sure, as I find myself thinking endlessly. Often of late, it’s maybe to my detriment. I spend too much time in my head. Worries form clouds, dark, forbidding.

But sometimes, every so often…actually that’s not true…every time, eventually, I come out of the reflection better off. The worry somehow recedes. I can’t really explain it. I give it all up to God, that’s all, that’s the practice.

And so the reflections, at the end of the day, make it better. Make me better. Better off inside and out.

The reflections, they turn out ok. If I just give them time, give myself time, to reflect.

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