Smack Down

Learning can be very challenging. VERY CHALLENGING.

Sometimes you find yourself in the mud, the thick, and it sucks. You make repeated mistakes, same issues, and it’s confounding, really…troubleshooting, reviewing your process, trying to understand why the errors are happening.

It can feel like a smack down. A SMACK DOWN.

It’s abrupt; it gives one pause. It strikes at self-confidence, belief in one’s own thinking and awareness, and capabilities too.

The way forward?

Deep breaths. DEEP BREATHS. A few seconds pause; maybe even a few minutes. Reset. RESET.

You may even find when you climb out of the mire, you may even discover that things aren’t exactly as you perceived them. Maybe other factors were at play. Maybe it wasn’t even entirely your fault.

WHEW. And if it was entirely your fault? Same process, of course. And WHEW anyway.


Onward. ONWARD.


One of my son’s heroes and model of how to be. Catboy.

Disney Channel’s kid show, The PJ Masks has this character, Catboy. He’s the leader of a kid superhero trio.

The PJ Masks show is a great one for kids, I think. The trio do typical superhero work, but also face normal challenges of ego, selfishness, and other very ordinary obstacles we all face.

But usually by the end of the episode, they have realized their weakness, their struggle, and have found a path to overcome. With an inspiring, “It’s time to be the hero!”, they save the day every time.

Of course, in real life we don’t save the day every day. But we do have the chance to be brave and do the right thing.

So here’s to that!, and our own trio we have at home.

My son’s own interpretation of this wonder in blue, Catboy!

Up the Ladder

Another day started with a loose plan, some things on the list, and then circumstances demand adaptation. A morning of easy pace stayed too easy, timing slipped, and we duly adjusted.

It’s usually after the initial realization that things aren’t going in the exact-planned trajectory, that’s the most difficult. It’s also the time to make the choice to respond positively.

I wasn’t really planning on going up the ladder to put Christmas away in the garage rafters, but it quickly became an easy win to pursue. So I did. Up and down the ladder to adjust the rafters’ contents a bit; then up and down with boxes full of holiday decorations.

I made the best of it, mindful to work my core and my balance along with it. No falls, Success! Sunday afternoon was looking up.

The rest of the day played out pretty well too. Not just for me did it go well, but with the kids and my wife too. We had a couple bumps with the kids, but they came through ok. A few errands got completed too: Bonus!

And it was all possible because we were all willing to go up our own ladder for the day, to a place, and get things done along the way.

Wait for it…GOOD.

A Little Slice of Joy

Recently went out to the Central Valley to watch our nephew play basketball, and also celebrate my brother -in-law’s birthday.

It was a little slice of joy on Sunday afternoon in Turlock, California. Lovely drive, lovely weather, fun adventure, great celebration.

Nothing fancy, mind you; all the same, I had a definite sense of family, and gratitude at the chance to be together and doing something outside the usual.

I love the Central Valley. Much of my mom’s side of the family lived out this way. Some of that family is still out here. It’s a different feel, a little more low-key, a little more old school. Not the same hustle and bustle and congested population as where we live. It’s a nice change for a bit.

The wife and I had a nice conversation on the drive too; that was a wonderful bonus. We don’t get much time to just chat with three little kids.

Of course, there’s plenty to do at home, plenty on the list.

That said, taking time to “live a little”, and not merely attend to chores and tasks well, that’s a little slice of joy.

We need more of that. Or maybe we need it more frequently. Or both. At least I do.

I bet you do too. Next time you get the chance for a little adventure outside the norm, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you made the time for a little slice of joy.

I know I was glad to get the chance. And I look forward to the next time. Soon.


Old Places, Old Friends, New Friends, GOOD.

Spent part of this past weekend with a few of my wife’s old friends. Good little bunch of folks, nice to have the time with them.

Super cool to see old friends together, easy rapport, recollections, new chapters shared too. I love having those moments with my peeps too; but really, just as inspiring to watch it happen with those who mean the most to you. Good Times.

Old places — in this case, Santa Cruz — old one the sense that it’s familiar, but also not a place I get to very often. Cool place to re-connect, cool place to hang and soak up the stories.

As we round out the year and the decade, good time to remember what matters most in this life: the people we’re with and the stories we share.

Here’s to the 20’s arriving shortly, and all the possibilities, all the good.

Boxing Day Recap

Day after the Christmas feast – Boxing Day the Canadians call it – a mixed day of blessings and goodness if you try to find it. Have a look, it’s not too hard.

It was a morning read, new old book, a gift from our daughter, a volume she bought at her school store.

It was pumping up tires on new bikes, all three kids riding up and down the street sidewalk. Joy and accomplishment were evident; building confidence for when the training wheels come off next year.

It was errands to drop off donations and fill the gas tank for a couple road trips this weekend.

It was putting the good dishes away until the next time. It was leftovers supper.

It was playing Fashion Press with our younger daughter; her explanations were deliberate and thorough.

It was a dozen or so sugar cookies for dessert.

It was a mix of lessons and blessings, not too hard to find; ya just have to look.


My Office Today & a Little Lemonade from Lemons

Saw it coming if I was paying attention. Very runny nose, increasingly frequent cough, growing crankiness (for him and me), and BOOM, my son got sick. Aren’t they always sick this time of year, little kids?

Never mind.

He’s gotta stay home sick, and today ok for me to work from home (Thankful!), so here I am cranking away.

My son’s asleep for now, so ticking off task after task.

Sip tea, stretch, keep going.

Drink water, another spreadsheet, another stretch, a couple emails, what’s next?

More good, making the best out of the lemons of the day, that’s the trick, that’s the schtick, that’s my game.

In that way, I got game. And lemonade.

And the glass is Half Full.

Standing Desk.
Energy Hydration Station