Lyrics Post: “American Idiot”

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 20 years since this song, this album, came I tot the world. Somehow it seems more relevant and urgent today than 2004 when it came into the world.

Listen up. Don’t be an American Idiot.

“American Idiot”

Don’t wanna be an American idiot

Don’t want a nation under the new mania

And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

The subliminal mind fuck America

Welcome to a new kind of tension

All across the alienation

Where everything isn’t meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow

We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow

For that’s enough to argue

Well maybe I’m the faggot America

I’m not a part of a redneck agenda

Now everybody do the propaganda

And sing along to the age of paranoia

Welcome to a new kind of tension

All across the alienation

Where everything isn’t meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow

We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow

For that’s enough to argue

Don’t want to be an American idiot

One nation controlled by the media

Information age of hysteria

It’s calling out to idiot America

Welcome to a new kind of tension

All across the alienation

Where everything isn’t meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow

We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow

For that’s enough to argue”

Writer(s): Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank Wright, Michael Pritchard

Up and Down

Master the skill, up and down. On the golf course, up and down on the green means getting there and sinking the putt in short order.

Maybe it’s similar in life, up and down. Each day, get up and get your work done; pursue the goals of your life, the goals of the day. Whatever that is for you. But get UP, and do. DO.

And then be ok in coming down, slowing down, each day. Let yourself do that. Come down. Rest. Respite. Relax. Slow down. SLOW DOWN.

And then do the whole thing again the next day.

Get good at the up and down.

It will serve you well.

In Between

I’m between good and bad most of the time; maybe we all are. The Devil and The Angel, each shoulder. Aren’t we all like that? If we’re honest, it must be so, must be human nature,

In between sun-up and sundown, so much happens, so much, so uncertain, so unsure, then sure, sometimes, in between,

In between here and there, us and them, then and now, what to do, how to feel, in between,

It’s where everything happens, in between, ok ok, do it, get it done, make the most of,

In between.

The Way

These three showing me the way. No shit no líe, it’s been a rough last twelve or so months.

Standing up and stepping up for these three has given me more purpose and power than expected.

So grateful for them, for the foundation they create…just by being. So blessed I am to have them in my life.

They show me the way every day, they light the way, that love we have, that is the way.

Yes yes, Amen.

Soak Up The Ordinary

Again and again I thought about how important it is to appreciate and celebrate the ordinary. Most of life is spent in the “ordinary.” Nothing says we can’t delight in that very thing, like:

Being warm.

A cozy place to sleep.

Tasty food.

Good music.


Wearing comfy clothes.

A thoughtful word.

A hug.

The coast.


A good night’s sleep.


Being with those we love.

Stay Open, Patient, and Listen

These three came at me in a rush, like my three kids, maybe. As seems to often happen to me, it’s the switch-up, the change of pace, that provides perspective, new lenses, a catalyst to realize the obvious, or not so obvious, right under your nose.

This simple trifecta of awareness during a week off with the kids, simple life lessons, reminders:

Be Open. To ideas, change, the unexpected. Look for the path forward; it might not be where you think. Be open; it will show itself.

Stay Patient. It’s good to have a quick pace at times, but if you get slowed, detoured, knocked down, don’t give up. Stay patient.

Listen. To others, those around you, whether you want to or not, sometimes, listen. And listen to yourself too. Sometimes there’s a long pause. Sometimes the voice is a finally heard, a whisper. Sometimes it’s in the voices of crazy little kids, even. Listen.

Oh and maybe a bonus too: Keep your sense of humor; don’t get too serious for too long; keep it fresh.

JLud4 Summer Adventures 2021, Saturday

Tried again, made it, last day, Point Lobos.

Foggy cool perfect through mid-day.

Never enough rocks to climb on.

Locale like I remember it, blessed. Lots of people here and there. Popular spot.

Great views, great rocks, great water.

Excitement on the way home, safe arrival, given the circumstances, all good.

Sleep well? That’s the plan.

JLud4 Summer Adventures 2021, Friday

Busy Morning,

House Meeting ran long,

Day got hotter,

Change of plans,

Second Rest Day,

Kids down to basics,

Finding some stride just as the week draws to close,

Disconnected, tho’ re-orientation looms, back to chase, grind, regular schedule, but can I,

Start anew,

in a new way?

Maybe that’s a lesson from the week (every week?), maybe there’s a common theme,

A guiding light,

adventure on, need not be on PTO to live, live each day, blended, true,

Little ideas bubble up, wee hours, one underlying theme keeps coming back,

Oh did I mention,

Tent in the yard all week?

Kids want to sleep in the tent all week, so we did,

Now almost to the end of adventure week,

A little more in store, maybe a lot, maybe every day, guided by?

What’s the rabbit out of the hat?

The common thread for the week,

every week, everyday,

every transition,







Alt Vacay Attitude

Week off with the kids, vacation time, stripped down, shifting mindset and schedule to them, focused on them, us.

This particular post a good example. Three in the morning, awake, listening to the sounds of the night, listening to the kids sleep.

What’s the big deal? Not so big maybe; maybe just different. In a tent in the back yard; all of us together. Had visions of a bigger adventure; scaled back to stay closer to home, for the old dogs’ sake. Still lots of fun in store. Local adventures; some news places; some old places; all good places. Focused on them, focused on us.

Spent a little chunk of change for a bigger tent and new sleeping bags, upgrades for the crew this season. All these an investment in many of these strings of adventures to come in the years ahead. Focused on them, focused on us.

A year ago marriage was failed, the beginning of the end; now, the end nearly concluded, this is what’s left; unexpected, family camaraderie, us four, me and the kids, quite unexpected, this is what’s left. Pretty special all the same; three in the morning, lying in the tent, dim light from the night creeping in, soft sounds of three little kids in slumber, not one lover, but my three little kids from a try at love, now left with this particular love, love them so, I do.

And so this alternate vacation, alt vacay, just what the doctor ordered, for us, for them. Us together, on the roads, highways and by-ways, exploring, and tent time, alt arrangements, together, most important, together.

It’s that alt vacay attitude, shining through.