He Entered The Chaos

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of different people.

There’s the mostly secular perspective, well-meaning, general good will toward all and peace to all, some (or a lot) of gift-giving,

There’s the solstice dynamic, as nature begins its march through darkness to the light and warmth of spring, many many folks celebrate this period,

And of course, there is the religious perspective.

I think there are something like a billion Christians in the world; I’m one of them, it turns out. So this is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, when God entered the world, to live and die as a human.

On my best days I can enter the spiritual realm and wonder at the significance that Jesus brought to the world,

But most days, especially over the last couple of years,

It’s been pretty bumpy at times, sustained turbulence, many trials and lessons along the way,

And so this particular Christmas I think I celebrate God’s willingness and desire to enter into our chhuman experience. Indeed, more than two thousand years later,

We celebrate the divinity and mystery of The Almighty, born into the world to bring hope and joy and love to the whole of humanity, for ever more.

Happy Christmas!

Old Places, Old Friends, New Friends, GOOD.

This written about three years back; I’ve since gone throughout divorce and now on reset. But you know, all of this sentiment still holds.

It’s the people in your life that matter. GOOD.

“Spent part of this past weekend with a few of my wife’s old friends. Good little bunch of folks, nice to have the time with them.

Super cool to see old friends together, easy rapport, recollections, new chapters shared too. I love having those moments with my peeps too; but really, just as inspiring to watch it happen with those who mean the most to you. Good Times.

Old places — in this case, Santa Cruz — old one the sense that it’s familiar, but also not a place I get to very often. Cool place to re-connect, cool place to hang and soak up the stories.

As we round out the year and the decade, good time to remember what matters most in this life: the people we’re with and the stories we share.

Here’s to the 20’s arriving shortly, and all the possibilities, all the good.”


He Is Near

As we barrel toward another Christmas, I’m mostly distracted. It’s piling up,

the year-end pressure and demands at work,

the bustle of getting gifts together for the kids,

getting the menus together for three holiday meals,

And on and on,

And yet he is near,

We celebrate the crossover time,

When God came, and remains to this day, with us,

Everything else will sort itself out,

I keep after it,

And keep central in my mind, heart, soul,

He is near.

Special Spots

Like the coast,

Like the mountains, the wilderness over all,

Like the warm darkness of my morning meditation and exercise space,

Like the dinner table with the kids, with a friend,

At your desk getting a bit of work done,

Scribbling down ideas on a parking lot in the cold night air,

Sitting in the hallway on front of the wall heater, starting the day, talking together,

Just about anywhere can be a special spot,

Make it so.

Not Alone, Busy Brain

Sweet slumber, gives way to Busy Brain. Unexpected; thought things were well in hand.

Why does this happen? Why do our brains do this? Work, kids, bills, tasks, life comes trickle rushing in.

This scribble at 243a, after an hour and a half of this and that ponder. A coupe of my colleagues at work, they get up about this time to start early shift. I think of them.

I’d like to sleep a bit longer, get a couple more hours before up and go. Plenty to do, Busy Brain tells me. Get more rest, I tell my brain.

My grandma used to do the crossword when she couldn’t sleep; or read. I tap away, scribbling down these words on the page.

So you know you’re not alone.


Trying to make them when I can, moments for the kids, moments for fun.

Not a big thinker most of the time, more an opportunist, open to make it happen if the desire and window of time opens.

Case in point? Mid-Sunday afternoon, at a local park, kids playing, then someone has to go potty, but the bathrooms are locked.

So speed home we did, and along the way someone says, “I want to ride my bike”, and another says, “…but I want to go back to the park…”,

And so when we got home, I threw the bike rack on the back of the car, and the kids wheeled out the bikes, ran back to the car with their helmets, and we sped back to the same park.

Sunset fast approaching, I’d aspired to BBQ before 5p, alas not to be.

Because I opted for the moment, effort to make the moment, a little better, a little more special.

Mind you, not without a little grumpy sprinkled in, striving for the moment,

but when the kids settle in on the snacks,

I remind them of the setting sun, the departure fast approaching,

A little grump veiled as ernest insistence,

But we had the moment, made the moment,