Half Full, Happy Anniversary, All GOOD.

I started this blog three years ago this month, July. At the time I was looking for a way to share some thoughts, some insights, and further the good in the world.

Not sure how much good I’ve done, but I’ve definitely shared a lot of thoughts. Gotten some positive feedback along the way, which is good for me if nothing else. And I’ve certainly learned a lot.

I plan to continue blogging, sharing, pursuing the GOOD in this manner. I’ve also got another avenues coming down the pike later this yesr.

I’ll have an e-book up in the fall, before the holidays. It will be a sort of coffee table book, a short volume, about being a new dad. It will bring a little humor, and hopefully inspiration, to fathers. 

 I’m also designing a short podcast I’ll produce and share periodically.  Same goal: share a little insight, further the good in the world.

So whether you’re new to this blog,  or have been along these last three years, thanks for reading. Please share it with others. On we go toward the GOOD.


Pause, Pray, Rejoice!

Following is from A Messenger exchange I had with an old classmate from college. Blessed and super grateful to have such people in my life. 

“Hey Lud- your words are always lifting me up. Thanks for sharing your joy, your perspective, your humble view of the world and most importantly, your faith. I came across this guy [Chris Stefanick] in my youth group planning and his outlook mirrors yours and I thought you’d appreciate it.”

I replied, “Hey Friend! Thanks so SO much for the note. Glad to see / hear the GOOD out there – yes indeed, God is love, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior. AMEN! Thanks again, much love!”

Good begets more good. When we share it. Perfect example with my friend’s generous, simple note.

The guy she referred me to, Chris Stefanick, had this to say in that post:  

‘Prayer, worship to God get you out of your own head, connection you to others, humanity, those things eternal, Timeless.'”

 Yes indeed, God is love, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior. AMEN!

Leaving the Grind Behind

It’s time to head out on the highway.  The first family road trip is dialed in and coming soon. Leaving the usual day-to-day behind, packing up, and on the road once again.

Very excited for a bunch of reasons.  I’ve loved road trips as long as I can remember. Going new places, seeing new things. Taking the kids on such an adventure, all the better.

No dishes to speak of?  GOOD.

Change up of schedule?  GOOD.

Living out of a suitcase and van for a few days?  GOOD.

Change up of surroundings and scenery?  GOOD.

Spend time with friends we haven’t seen in a while?  GOOD.

Kids get to hang out with new kids, similar ages?  GOOD.

Going to a new park?  GOOD.

Spending long stretches of time with the kids, drenched in ordinary activities?  GOOD.

Spending long stretches of time without screens on?  GOOD.

Let the soul be refilled.  I’m ready.



I’m known for putting together rather eclectic meal combinations from time to time.

Might be my dad’s influence — peanut butter, bananas, some mayo, maybe with a pickle, was one of his favorite “dishes “(so to speak).

One of my lunches this week provides a good example: I found in various places in the fridge…Brussels sprouts, gnocchi, and ground beef from left-over hamburger.  Tossed in in a Tupperware, threw it in my work bag, and away I went.  At lunch time, I heated for two minutes thirty seconds in the microwave at work, voila!  Chow Time.

Crazy?  Well maybe, but it was delicious, and it used left overs in the fridge I felt compelled to gobble up.   This situation also provides some insight on a life approach that goes beyond the kitchen and meal prep.

Access your ingredients, consider your combinations, be creative, “re-purpose” as needed (“hamburger” becomes “ground beef”) make the most of what you have.

I feel like I’m in the Iron Chef competition every time I open the fridge to figure out what to take to work for lunch the next day.

The core skill-set is the same:  base knowledge, open mind, and creativity.

And then?

Well it’s pretty simple. Get some good. Make it tasty.  And what else?  Well of course, teach your kids.

What exactly?

It’s all in how you use the ingredients before you to make a dish, or the best of any situation, and put a little smile on your face.



Guy Time

As you might have picked up from other posts, I have three kids. As I say all the time too, I consider myself SUPER blessed to be a dad. Two girls, one boy, ALL GOOD. 

With three kids though, it’s more challenging to create one-on-one time with them. So much going on with life all the time, that we do a lot all together. It’s only natural. 

Today is different. Today it’s my son and me off for a day of adventure and fun. At least for us it will be that way. Getting the car smogged, fill the gas tank, hang out at home for a bit, then off to the baseball game.

Last year we went to a game, he was three, and lasted about that many innings. We’ll see how he does this year.

What really matters most though? Being together, him and me, soaking up just that. It makes us both shine like a star. Like the one he just drew on the sidewalk.  Bright is this day. And GOOD.