Hello Worry, My Old Friend

A quick search for the word “worry” or “anxiety” in this blog pulls up more than a dozen entries over the last couple of years.

My old friend, Worry, has become an oft-visiting character herein.


As I’ve written elsewhere, I’ve dealt with near constant anxiety all my life; and so bringing it up more regularly and sharing out here accomplishes at least two things:

First, writing is a powerful tool that has potent effect to help me name the feelings, and causes too, not fear them, process them, transcend them.

Second, as is the fundamental goal of this blog, this writing intended to take a little good and make more. For me, AND for you too. Sharing out let’s others know they’re not alone. There’s particular power in that repeated action too, I hope, I believe.

Worry, my old friend, it’s taken a lifetime thus far to accept you and not repeatedly respond in a reactive, hurtful way. But I’m getting better. Here’s how…

Feel it?

Then name it.

Understand what it’s trying to tell you.

Then let it flow through you, in one side, out the other.

Then take the actions if helpful, those that Worry has helped clarify.

Worry, my old friend, I’m still learning to live with you. But at least it’s getting better.


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