Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, my attitude into the day, the week,

When I first wake, it often comes crashing down…the list is long, things rush into my mind,

My kids, my divorce, a few nagging work issues, the state of my community, the state, the country, the many conflict areas of the world,

No shit, no lie, I pray about Gaza, and Somalia, and Iraq, and Ethiopia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, every day, comes rushing into my mind, and for the people, especially the children, I pray….and for my own kids, I pray for them, this far, and into eternity…

Things rushing in, rushing in…

But it’s not enough, or maybe just enough, to keep it all at bay,

It’s a funny thing, why do I feel that way, most every day, Never mind, push through, funny or otherwise, just got to do it,


What I Do

This blog, and writing in general, it’s what I do.

I mean, I’ve got a day job too, working stiff, what I’d call “business operations” just now,

it’s a good gig, fine folks, lots of upside, lots of learning, a higher purpose, I drank the Kool-Aid for sure…”the promise of better health, diseases cured, through genomics…”

All that said, what I really like to do is write. Just write. I mean, I like other things too, love other things, like my kids, my friends. music, all variety of foods and making them…

But I really like to write. I like scribbling down, telling the tale, striving to share a little spark, give the reader a little smirk,

From my laptop’s keyboard to countless notebooks, countless pages, from taping one letter at a time on my smart phone in the pre-dawn hours from my bed on a Sunday morning like right now,

: – )

From me to you, inspired, and sharing any number of ideas and thoughts and insights, that’s what, that’s why,

It’s what I do,

It’s GOOD.

How It Goes

How It Goes,

What I hope anyway, something like this, something like today,

Fun adventure to see my auntie, the kids’ great aunt, SF Lady, not sure what’s in store,

Turns out great,

dining spot great,

Visit great,

Grateful for the time.

Then one, then two stops in SF,

Two parks, both fun, great spots for lots of kids fun.

Then home and dinner,

Some laundry and baths,

Vintage cartoons all through,

All Good.

So blessed, and grateful, and inspired,

What should,

Be today, tomorrow, each day,

Connected, striving, thriving,


Good Eats
Good Fun
More Good Fun
Great Fun
We’ll Be Back

Easy Start

She relishes the easy start to the day.

No immediate obligation, no immediate demands.

Dim light of early morning sifts through the drapes, soft crackle of the heater, heavy covers spilled over her.


If a kid come in, it will be a morning cuddle, secretly she hopes one does. Even two are welcome, just not three. She only had two sides to lie on.

Whether she as a little visitor or not, no immediate plan to execute, no marshaling out the gate, what’s their fate today?


And it all begins with the easy start, so welcome, the easy start, so grateful.

Thankful For

Clean water,

A warm place to sleep,

A good education,

Lots of friends,

A supportive family,

Three healthy children,

Their awesome mom,

A job at a place I enjoy,

A good night’s sleep.

Gratitude is best as a daily practice, what a great way, great time to start, on this particular holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Easy Does It

Midst of it all, easy does it.

Swirl of holiday schedule, mishmash of things, all demanding your time and attention, easy does it.

Like my grandma awake in the middle of the night doing her crossword, me taping away on lists and posts, get it all out of your head, easy does it.

Pressed too hard, too many things, your best response might be, easy does it.

House clean, errands run, menu decisions, meal prep, remember the point, the underlying intent,

be thankful,

easy does it.