Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, my attitude into the day, the week, When I first wake, it often comes crashing down…the list is long, things rush into my mind, My kids, my divorce, a few nagging work issues, the state of my community, the state, the country, the many conflict areas of the world, No shit, …

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What I Do

This blog, and writing in general, it’s what I do. I mean, I’ve got a day job too, working stiff, what I’d call “business operations” just now, it’s a good gig, fine folks, lots of upside, lots of learning, a higher purpose, I drank the Kool-Aid for sure…”the promise of better health, diseases cured, through …

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Thankful For

Clean water, A warm place to sleep, A good education, Lots of friends, A supportive family, Three healthy children, Their awesome mom, A job at a place I enjoy, A good night’s sleep. Gratitude is best as a daily practice, what a great way, great time to start, on this particular holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!