What I Do

This blog, and writing in general, it’s what I do.

I mean, I’ve got a day job too, working stiff, what I’d call “business operations” just now,

it’s a good gig, fine folks, lots of upside, lots of learning, a higher purpose, I drank the Kool-Aid for sure…”the promise of better health, diseases cured, through genomics…”

All that said, what I really like to do is write. Just write. I mean, I like other things too, love other things, like my kids, my friends. music, all variety of foods and making them…

But I really like to write. I like scribbling down, telling the tale, striving to share a little spark, give the reader a little smirk,

From my laptop’s keyboard to countless notebooks, countless pages, from taping one letter at a time on my smart phone in the pre-dawn hours from my bed on a Sunday morning like right now,

: – )

From me to you, inspired, and sharing any number of ideas and thoughts and insights, that’s what, that’s why,

It’s what I do,

It’s GOOD.

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