Unconditional Love

Wise people? I think wise people learn lessons from all sides, all sources, all situations. Or at least they strive to do so. Unconditional Love is a good topic to be open to for lessons from all sides. And while humans can certainly exhibit unconditional love, I’d vote for dogs as the most consistent example of this powerful ideal. In that light then, I offer up our family dogs Mia, and Zona, full of unconditional love.

They’re outdoor dogs, as we’ve had little kids growing up the whole of their lives. Plus, our son is quite allergic to the dogs’ dander. That said, they’ve got a pretty good life.

Watching the fence for cats.
Watching the arbor for vermin

They live in the backyard, with access to the garage and double dog beds. They get two meals a day, walks most mornings, and treats on occasion. They love when the kids come out to say hi and explore — and the two of the three kids enjoy petting them. Both dogs are good listeners, and quite gentle. We’re lucky to have them as part of our family. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of their unconditional love.

Three Minutes? GOOD.

Tick-tock, good flows through my head. Three minutes until dinner, thinking about tomorrow, what’s so good?

Been a great day, got lots done, me, my honey, the kids. Great weather today, kids playing out front, letting off some steam.

Tasty beef and some roasted broccoli for supper, timely manner for a change, gonna be yummy. Warriors on the screen, dinner game viewing, nice Saturday eve treat.

Looking forward to an afternoon road trip to The Central Valley on the ‘morrow, gonna see fam, sing happy birthday, birthday lunch for my bro, in-law, GOOD.

Gonna be good, gonna good, three minute blog post? Just about, GOOD.

Blog Like a Tweet: “Do More Good.”

This idea for me, “do more good” translates to “post daily.” Get the good out there. Whatever you got. Share it.

Sometimes it’s thin, and just a “blog like a tweet”…but the last four months of 2019 laid the groundwork for a new and productive writing habit into the new year.

This upside, a nice pick-me-up when I consider the tasks, projects, goals still on the list, looking at me with skeptical eye. The contrast typical of life I suppose, always things done and more to do as well.


“Chain Of Gratitude: Ari Shapiro Interviews 4 Musicians For Thanksgiving : NPR”

You had me at “chain of gratitude.” Ari.

Thanks for this piece!


Ari Shapiro names The New Pornographers as a musical act he’s thankful for in 2019. That gratitude is passed forward to nêhiyawak, then Leikeli47 and finally to Chick Corea.
— Read on www.npr.org/2019/11/28/782926637/musician-to-musician-our-5th-annual-thanksgiving-chain-of-gratitude

SOX Wants: An Audit Sample

Funny what an audit inspires…

“It begins, it begins, with a friendly request; let’s see a sample of your documentation for your orders of work.

Everybody does it, gotta do it too.

Let’s see the work order document itself.

Let’s see the Goods Issue documents.

Let’s see the Goods Receipt documents.

In the system, it is, in the sytem it is, isn’t that enough?

No, No, on paper so we can hold it, study it.

So into SAP we go, to figure how to print. Tryin’ t’save trees, so we don’t normally print.

M B 90, that’s the place to start. Get your order data from the CO Bucket.

Then command, command, and fields must be right. Must be right with the year and the checks or your lose.

Lose out, gotta ask, gotta ask for help. One person, two person, maybe three in fact, everyone a different bit to share, try, do.

Finally, finally, we make it through, through to the end.

Gather docs, kill a tree, done with that task. SOX wants, SOX asks, we do, done. We do, DONE.

SOX asks, we do, we do, DONE.“

1st Tim, 6: Fight The Good Fight

Reading for Sunday, 09/22/2019

From First Timothy 6: 11-16, in part…

“You must aim to be upright and religious, filled with faith and love, perseverance and gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of faith and win the eternal life to which you were called and for which you made your noble profession of faith before many witnesses.”

Like some of the other phrases and inspirations I share here (and otherwise), there is often linkage to songs that goes along.  This excerpt from First Timothy definitely falls into that category.

One of my favorite bands I listened to as an adolescent was the Canadian rock band, Triumph.  Not to be confused with another of my favorite bands, also from Canada, RUSH.    : – )

Triumph inspired me musically and lyrically.  They brought a straight-ahead, definite hard rock sound, guitar-heavy, with this great blend of inspiring lyrics for some songs, and very typical “rock n’ roll” lyrics for other songs.

One of their songs, “Fight the Good Fight”, was a particular gem from one of their earlier albums. At that time, around 1981, I was deep into adolescence and had begun the life-long journey to define my own faith, and find my own way forward in life. Faith was a big factor.

When I linked this rock song to this Bible passage…? For me, it was a magic power (another great Triumph song, by the way).

Fight the good fight every day, live a life worthy of the gift it is. Follow the Golden Rule, through struggle and obstacle, be gentle and kind to everyone that needs it, and love one another. As you love, so you shall be filled with love.

This mantra still rings true all these years later, and powers me forward each and every day.



Numbers are cool. And they’re everywhere.

Measurements, calculations, logic…maybe as far back as humans could think about deep stuff, we’ve had numbers on their mind.

And in the last half century of course, there’s software. Think binary code, and a hundred computer languages, think the first work in space exploration, think EVERYTHING now: cars, phones, toasters, personal computing, and everything in between.


My father was a math teacher. One of his central messages when he would help me with my math homework:  Don’t be afraid,  don’t be intimidated by the numbers, the logic.   Take your time.  Think deeply.  Figure it out.  Good life lesson there too, come to think of it.

PV = \frac{FV}{(1+r)}
And then I learned a different type of math, different applied logic, in business school many years later.  Big picture topics like the various facets of finance and accounting. The Time Value of Money,  Percentage Gained, Lost;  Run Rates, Currency Conversions, Depreciation of Capital Equipment, and on and on and on, slowly soaking in and expanding my mind with numbers further.  Also cool.  And important when you’re trying to make a profit.

Now lately my work has me into inventory management systems, the logic of part number nomenclature and the organization of things. Cycle Counts, Reconciling differences, Spreadsheets, Data Analysis all take up minutes and hours, churning through as the daily tasks are completed.

Yep, numbers are still cool.