Use What You Have

Often times we have to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.

To be successful, we have to do the best with what we have in the moment to create the best outcome possible with given constraints.

When we suddenly were ordered to stay home and “shelter in place”, most all of us had to adapt. Three weeks in, we’re still making adjustments and modifications to plan and place and schedule to accommodate.

Example? Living with four other people in a three bedroom house, you’d think there would be plenty of space. Not so much.

Two of the three bedrooms are only set up for sleeping, really; no desks, tables, etc. to use as work space. So my wife took the third bedroom we use as a reading room. That’s her base and classroom; she does her virtual teaching from there.

The kids are working at the dining table, and using the family room as their play/craft multi-use space. That leave me the garage, which I’m perfectly happy with. We don’t use it for parking vehicles; it’s a multi-use space too.

I started working in the washroom / dogs kennel side of the garage. I set up a make-shift standing desk on top of the recycling bin; that worked for about two weeks.

Now that we’re in this “work from home, shelter in place” mode for at least another month, I’ve moved to the other side of the space, where I already have a desk. I didn’t go directly there because it was piled high with other things (the garage space also function as storage for things only sometimes used). Enough of that though. In pretty short order I cleared, cleaned, recycled, and voila! a whole new look, a whole new functionality.

Amazing what you come up with when pressed. What actions can you take to improve your situation? Look around; there’re likely a few options to choose from. Go ahead, make it a little better. Make it GOOD.

Easy Is OK

Sometimes it’s ok to go the easy route. In fact, it’s the smart thing to do if you know the outcome will be to your liking.

If you take the tried and true path, it might also afford you more time for other things; maybe those new and more challenging things you haven’t gotten to.

Simple example? Maybe using the “Popcorn” setting on the microwave. Follow the guidelines, easy peasy, perfect, completely-popped popcorn.

Been making a lot of that lately for kid snacks during the “work/school day” at home while we shelter in place from the Coronavirus.

Taking the easy route is ok. If you get the chance, give it a try.


From my own little corner of the Work From Home (WFH) World — in between the laundry area and the hot-water heater, my own standing desk work space — a few thoughts to share. Or more like a list to share, actually.

1/ Make your work space comfortable, welcoming (to you), and quiet.

2/ Be sure you continue work habits you would typically follow in the office, to maintain continuity and productivity.

3/ Don’t let yourself get muddled down in the work (this applies to the office, too); take frequent breaks of a few minutes. It’s tougher to get your daily steps in at home, so make a point to walk around; the apartment, the house, the backyard, the block, whatever. My goal is 250 steps per hour. It’s been hit and miss so far, honestly, but I’m trying.

4/ Stay hydrated. I’m trying to maintain my usual consumption at work, about 16 fl. oz. every hour.

5/ Enjoy the variety, hunker down, and get it done.

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Prez Day

Honoring George Washington’s Birthday, that’s the idea behind this federal holiday we have the third Monday in February. More that just Washington, it’s become a day to honor the current president, and all presidents that have preceded.

Well, I’m glad to have the day off work so I can hang with my family. Beyond that, I’ve got a mixed bag of thoughts otherwise around the idea of honoring all presidents that have lead our country.

As an institution and given our model of government, we need an executive to run the day-to-day operations of our government. Along with the legislative branch and judicial branch, and with the rule of law as our guiding principle, the president’s administration should lead the agenda as set by the majority, and hopefully beyond that, the will of the people in the whole electorate.

It doesn’t seem that our current president leads in this manner; but then that’s probably been said of others who’ve sat in that high office.

Our founding president was guided by fundamental values of decency and doing the right thing. As an example from his youth, consider “rules of civility” in circulation at the time that young Washington copies into his school notebook. Rule 1: “Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.” Rule 110, the last one: “Labour to keep alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Ce[les]tial fire Called Conscience.”

We’ve had the whole range of presidents in our country’s history; depending on your preferences and politics, your perspective on any of them, including the one currently in office, might differ.

In the end, and at this particularly divisive time in our national political discourse, it would be refreshing, and maybe healing too, if we could agree our president should lead by an ethos of the whole collective: drawing others together, inspiring, providing a voice for the vision of what is possible, and for the vast majority, and do so in an honest and forthright manner.

Happy Birthday, George, Happy Presidents Day.

Unconditional Love

Wise people? I think wise people learn lessons from all sides, all sources, all situations. Or at least they strive to do so. Unconditional Love is a good topic to be open to for lessons from all sides. And while humans can certainly exhibit unconditional love, I’d vote for dogs as the most consistent example of this powerful ideal. In that light then, I offer up our family dogs Mia, and Zona, full of unconditional love.

They’re outdoor dogs, as we’ve had little kids growing up the whole of their lives. Plus, our son is quite allergic to the dogs’ dander. That said, they’ve got a pretty good life.

Watching the fence for cats.
Watching the arbor for vermin

They live in the backyard, with access to the garage and double dog beds. They get two meals a day, walks most mornings, and treats on occasion. They love when the kids come out to say hi and explore — and the two of the three kids enjoy petting them. Both dogs are good listeners, and quite gentle. We’re lucky to have them as part of our family. We’re very fortunate to be recipients of their unconditional love.

Three Minutes? GOOD.

Tick-tock, good flows through my head. Three minutes until dinner, thinking about tomorrow, what’s so good?

Been a great day, got lots done, me, my honey, the kids. Great weather today, kids playing out front, letting off some steam.

Tasty beef and some roasted broccoli for supper, timely manner for a change, gonna be yummy. Warriors on the screen, dinner game viewing, nice Saturday eve treat.

Looking forward to an afternoon road trip to The Central Valley on the ‘morrow, gonna see fam, sing happy birthday, birthday lunch for my bro, in-law, GOOD.

Gonna be good, gonna good, three minute blog post? Just about, GOOD.

Blog Like a Tweet: “Do More Good.”

This idea for me, “do more good” translates to “post daily.” Get the good out there. Whatever you got. Share it.

Sometimes it’s thin, and just a “blog like a tweet”…but the last four months of 2019 laid the groundwork for a new and productive writing habit into the new year.

This upside, a nice pick-me-up when I consider the tasks, projects, goals still on the list, looking at me with skeptical eye. The contrast typical of life I suppose, always things done and more to do as well.