The Grandeur of Littleness

Snippets for a while from Francis’ Christmas Eve Homily, 2021,

This to begin,

“Today, all is turned upside down: God comes into the world in littleness. His grandeur appears in littleness.”

So simple, so profound. Reset your mind, your soul to this truth.

Seek, Embrace, Love the littleness you encounter, you live,

God is in the littleness.

Into The Void

Into the void I go…

Just a little something to help you relax, not feel too much prodding and poking,

Maybe 30, maybe 60 minutes, not too long,

And on the other side?

Hopefully the all clear, nothing more,

If something more, maybe cancer, well then…?

Well then we adjust and deal, we take counsel and then take action,

Into the void, we just don’t know, but sometimes we got to go,

Into the void~


Part of my work tasks, most every day,

One of those things, I just gotta say,

If you fall behind, ya then gotta make hay,

It’s fundamental to workflow and costing and good data, oh say,

So best to tick off, get it done bit by bit, just chill out, wax on, wax off, keep it legit.

5…99…Operation Codes, SAP,

“Confirmed”, the goal, progress, don’t stress, bit by bit get it done.

What I Do

This blog, and writing in general, it’s what I do.

I mean, I’ve got a day job too, working stiff, what I’d call “business operations” just now,

it’s a good gig, fine folks, lots of upside, lots of learning, a higher purpose, I drank the Kool-Aid for sure…”the promise of better health, diseases cured, through genomics…”

All that said, what I really like to do is write. Just write. I mean, I like other things too, love other things, like my kids, my friends. music, all variety of foods and making them…

But I really like to write. I like scribbling down, telling the tale, striving to share a little spark, give the reader a little smirk,

From my laptop’s keyboard to countless notebooks, countless pages, from taping one letter at a time on my smart phone in the pre-dawn hours from my bed on a Sunday morning like right now,

: – )

From me to you, inspired, and sharing any number of ideas and thoughts and insights, that’s what, that’s why,

It’s what I do,

It’s GOOD.

“Inspire Change”

National Football League teams. Seen on the back of football helmets at the base:

“Inspire Change” ~ a simple, powerful message. What does it speak to? So many different topics that this phrase might apply to:

In business,

In society,

In politics,


I’d only add the implied, additional clarifying word:

Inspire POSITIVE Change~


One day at a time, one circumstance at a time, make the effort when given the chance. Maybe even create the chance.



Democracy, Low and Slow: Working The Polling Center

Duties as assigned. I’m a Floater. Story of my life.

Like a rover in the secondary of a football defense. Ready to help keep things together, and get the vote in, safe and secure.

Monitor the kids collecting the voting station binders and ballot bags, keep the binders organized.

We’ll see how it goes.

What are we getting?

*Sealed blue ballot bags

*Vote Center Binders

*The Key(s) In The Pouch In The Binder.

That’s how democracy is delivered. Low and slow.

Forever Reluctant

Why oh why, always reluctant,

I seem to be, most often reluctant,

To end the time, the pause, the respite, preferring,

The break in the routine, the schedule, the day to day,

Reluctant to end the weekend, the vacation, the rest,

Not sure why, not sure why.

I’ve been this way since I was a child, still the same, much the same today,

Why oh why?

Bottom line, fine to consider the why, more important to push through and do.

Reluctant or not, if it needs to be done,