Got back a week ago. Big event for our little fam. Nearly 1,900 miles. Six Days.

Longest drive we’ve done as a family; two days in the car each way, 6-7 hours. I was impressed by how well the kids did with the monotony of long road travel.

New sites and destination. So much to see, so many people to connect and reconnect with, so many blessings; new terrain, cities, towns along the way, passed at 60 mph, just fast enough, slow enough to feel, and then away,

Opportunities to practice patience, to share, take turns in new ways, to adapt, be you in new places, fresh attitudes, feeling, finding your way,

New friendships solidified, old friendships celebrated, a week long journey to places we’ve been and never been, nearly two thousand miles, two dozen hours on the road, so worth it, so,


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