Early Morning Contrarian

Sometimes I go against the grain; sometimes I choose to buck conventual wisdom. Preferring darkness in the morning is a perfect example.

I know the conventional wisdom says, “…to get going in the morning, turn on the lights to help your body and mind wake up, to engage the day; if you don’t follow this practice you’re likely to simply fall back asleep….”

All well and good, and I get it; that being said, I like to get up and get ready in the dark; I enjoy the predawn time. Among other things, it harkens me back to my childhood, getting up early with my dad and grandpa to go deer hunting (weird, maybe, but that’s the truth – fond memories of early mornings, regardless of success or otherwise with the hunt).

The early morning hours are peaceful, calm, all my own. I can read, write, and otherwise go about my morning routine on my own terms.

I’ve got (at least one) dear old friend who’s been an early riser most of his life; started with a paper route and swim practice as a kid; he still swears by the practice, up before the Sun to read the news and drink coffee to start most every day.

I work with a few guys (that I know of) who have similar, preference to early morning; they get in to work to start their shift at 4:00am; they’ve done their 8 hours by early afternoon, and are out the door and to the rest of their day.

I’ve asked them about the early starts, and they always say, it’s quieter and they get more done before the hustle and bustle of the regular work-day begins.

I totally understand where they’re coming from. My kicker? I like to wake up and start my routine in the dark, with minimal lights on in the house. Maybe that makes me a contrarian of contrarians. I really like leftovers too.

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