Tins of Goodness

The tins the tins, are tucked away, in the cupboard on the shelf, not far away.

I forgot about both for a while, now it’s time, time for a trial. Yea give ‘em a try, and you will see, there’s goodness inside, and ready to be,

Ready to be called on, the little silver fish, sardines from the ocean, my very wish. Tasty and salty and good for you, Omega 3s, so good for you. Chopped up small, mixed up nice, yummy salad topper, yummy salad topper, so good for you, it’s so so true.

In the other tin at the end of the day, a sweet little treat, waiting for me. Crunch little goodness, sugar and butter, for the holidays, or any day. In fact in fact, I can tell you now, gonna have gotta have a few to chow,

chow down cause they’re tasty and a stress release, little nibble of happiness, just a little piece. So give me some peace, that’s what I say, peace inside, everyday, find it in the tins, good to know, good to go.

Use What You Have

Often times we have to quickly adjust to changing circumstances.

To be successful, we have to do the best with what we have in the moment to create the best outcome possible with given constraints.

When we suddenly were ordered to stay home and “shelter in place”, most all of us had to adapt. Three weeks in, we’re still making adjustments and modifications to plan and place and schedule to accommodate.

Example? Living with four other people in a three bedroom house, you’d think there would be plenty of space. Not so much.

Two of the three bedrooms are only set up for sleeping, really; no desks, tables, etc. to use as work space. So my wife took the third bedroom we use as a reading room. That’s her base and classroom; she does her virtual teaching from there.

The kids are working at the dining table, and using the family room as their play/craft multi-use space. That leave me the garage, which I’m perfectly happy with. We don’t use it for parking vehicles; it’s a multi-use space too.

I started working in the washroom / dogs kennel side of the garage. I set up a make-shift standing desk on top of the recycling bin; that worked for about two weeks.

Now that we’re in this “work from home, shelter in place” mode for at least another month, I’ve moved to the other side of the space, where I already have a desk. I didn’t go directly there because it was piled high with other things (the garage space also function as storage for things only sometimes used). Enough of that though. In pretty short order I cleared, cleaned, recycled, and voila! a whole new look, a whole new functionality.

Amazing what you come up with when pressed. What actions can you take to improve your situation? Look around; there’re likely a few options to choose from. Go ahead, make it a little better. Make it GOOD.

Romance Sprinkled Respite

Gratitude to start the week. Gratitude to start every day. Extra bunch of grateful just now, after a short weekend escape sans children.

Grateful to my beloved for planning it.

Grateful for the support for the kids so we could get away.

Grateful for living so close to a very different, wild, and beautiful place.

Grateful for the walks on the beach, for the conversations.

Grateful to have the chance to be just the two of us, reflecting and remembering and rekindling and refocusing an resetting our coupleness, romance advanced, time well spent.

Just GRATEFUL. To be fortified. Recharged. Ready now once again.

Into Week Three, we continue in this COVID-19 Shelter In Place, Social Distancing, in collective efforts with our global cohort, to beat this virus back, stay safe, and save lives.

A few images linger…

Last stop.
Back home. GRATITUDE.

Inspirations, COVID-19 Sequester Week Two

Low simmer of stress. Emotional ups and downs for sure.

Overall Family Goal: Adapting, accommodating, making the best of the circumstances. Second week, the whole family home for work and school and life and staying safe. Keep life going forward for two adults and three little kids.

The Community Goal: “Flatten the Curve” and stay healthy, as the health professionals get a handle on the pandemic, save lives, and keep more people safe from the virus overall.

So, some wandering inspirations along the way…

Garage Office: do what you can where you are.
Do the simple things: replacing the hand towels a lot more often because we’re at home washing hands all day, everyday.
Creative lunch prep: eat what’s there.
Efficient Kitchen Service: keep getting better.
We’re still on the front end of this outbreak: STAY HOME
Get your steps in: I’ve been walking this backyard path a lot these past two weeks.
Glad to have more time with this one.
And this one too: enjoy the sun.
YES: Inspiration everywhere. This found on a walk this week.


From my own little corner of the Work From Home (WFH) World — in between the laundry area and the hot-water heater, my own standing desk work space — a few thoughts to share. Or more like a list to share, actually.

1/ Make your work space comfortable, welcoming (to you), and quiet.

2/ Be sure you continue work habits you would typically follow in the office, to maintain continuity and productivity.

3/ Don’t let yourself get muddled down in the work (this applies to the office, too); take frequent breaks of a few minutes. It’s tougher to get your daily steps in at home, so make a point to walk around; the apartment, the house, the backyard, the block, whatever. My goal is 250 steps per hour. It’s been hit and miss so far, honestly, but I’m trying.

4/ Stay hydrated. I’m trying to maintain my usual consumption at work, about 16 fl. oz. every hour.

5/ Enjoy the variety, hunker down, and get it done.

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The New Normal

Strange times right now. I’ve been saying that for some, thinking it a lot more.

The current COVID-19 pandemic, this situ bares in stark relief the bigger picture frame I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Circumstances changing, expected some, some not expected; no matter either way, change, adjust we must.

These neubulus images offered, just what does it all mean? It all amounts to the “New Normal”, the new standard, the benchmark to strive to.

The New Normal means what you, we, I should expect, work to, live to, each hour, each day.

Seems to me this idea plays to a theme I return to again and again: access, accommodate, adjust. What next? Adapt, and advance toward the goal.

At home with the family during Shelter In Place Times? The New Normal.

At home full time with three little kids responding to their needs, moods, wants? The New Normal.

Working from Home as best we can, finding creating space to do so, time to do so. Strive to still do good work in new environ and confines and pace? The New Normal.

Responding to new demands to the position you have at work, the work you do, what the job, what the market requires? Well, maybe this isn’t really the New Normal.

On this front, it’s just normal. It’s always how it’s been. It’s how it will always been. Figured it out, solve the problem, hit the number, finish the project, then…?

What’s next on the list, what’s the new goal, revised or otherwise? It’s Normal. The same principles apply, in a new way perhaps, but apply they do.


Get after it. And make it GOOD.

Adjustment & Normalcy

How does it feel when crisis hits? Or even if just the “unforeseen” circumstance that takes hold…? It can be unsettling, make us feel uncertain, not sure which way to go, what to do next.

This COVID-19 virus pandemic that’s running roughshod over everything just now, we might say that’s making everyone uneasy. We might say folks are panicky, even. Understood to a point; it’s a serious matter. Folks are getting sick; some folks are dying. It’s serious for sure.

My two cents so far on this situation, my two humble suggestions on how to cope and get through it go something like this…besides the obvious:

First, accept that you have to adjust your life; you have to adjust, your family has to adjust. Things are going to be different for a while; it’s not going to be normal. Even if you don’t get sick, the effect of the situation is going change everyone’s lives for a while.

That said, Second,

do what you can to maintain normal routines; do what you can to maintain a sense of the usual day-to-day; whatever that looks like. Like…?

Like, this week is Saint Patrick’s Day. Make corned beef and cabbage. Drink a couple beers; wear green!

If you’re working from home and you don’t normally do that, get up at the same time anyway. Follow your usual routine for the work day. And in whatever other manner things can stay normal, follow that tempo, follow those practices.

Do what you normally do during regular work days, when you’re working, and at home too.

Anything else? Be patient; be strong; be supportive to others that need a hand; be gentle on your expectations of yourself and others.

Be willing to adjust; maintain normalcy where you can. And help others do the same.

We’ll get through this thing. It’s going to be ok.