When I’m with them, sometimes they’re too much, their combined energy so powerful, immediate, demanding…

And when they are gone I long for them back, I long for more,

My own version of synchronicity (as Sting wrote and The Police sang),

At our best we ponder and revel, and soak up the moments, soak up the moments,

My eternal longing, to soak up the moments with them.


We all have them.

How to sort, categorize?

Professional? For sure. How we make living, how we pay the bills,

But family too, gotta say, gotta say, family is first…it’s a hard pull sometimes, but that’s my take. Different philosophies around that, plenty of business people who sometimes – maybe even often – fudge their family in favor of the deadline, the trip, the deal…

Add on Parenting, those little folks who count on us, gotta be there for them when they are in need,

After all, what is it that we’ll remember, what they will remember about the work years?

How to square this all off, that’s the big question…

Regularly evaluate your situ, your overall, your day-to-day, give yourself an update…

Work: Check the list, consult with colleagues, reset tasks as needed, hold others accountable as appropriate, keep going forward…

Fam: Prioritize them. Period. Especially if you’re a parent. Gotta be the case. I know this might be counter-culture for workaholic American business culture, but if so well, so be it. Family first, especially if you’re a parent.

Self: Another counter-culture move, maybe, but you gotta prioritize your own well being too. Self-care is real; if you’re not in good space, you can’t be at your best for those around you…at work, at home, everywhere.

Priorities, Summed Up:

Dial ‘em in,

be ready to adjust as needed,

Take care of your people,

Take care of you,


Fighting For Time

It seems I’m often fighting for time,

At home, at work, with my kids. With myself,

In the evening, daytime, middle of the night,

Like right now, scribbling at 3:00am, awakened by thoughts about work, life, struggles, battles,

Fleeting joy, this I know, fighting for time, not so good, slight of hand preferred, slight improvements the goal,

And then slumber sweet slumber again, spent,


What We Need

Funny thing, consider what we need. Two samples, both sides, bubble up in mind, consider if you will,

Our older daughter swiftly approaching her teen years, wants a mobile phone, of course of course,

Has a “practice phone just now”, no service, limited doings possible just now,

All the same, wanted a “pocket socket” for better in-hand functionality, agreed agreed, much better experience indeed,

And so she purchased, own money, on her own, good for her, wanted it, needed it? Sure, good for her.

The other? Me myself and I, have used a FitBit movement tracker the last four years, love the data and insight,

Device died two weeks back, too much money to replace just now, other bills, other priorities, other ways to track my time and movement,

WANT it, but don’t NEED it, let it go, let it go, did, done, good for me, good for me, just what I need.

To the Mountains

Respite, long awaited, showing them another way, living a slower way,

Beloved mountains, fresh air, sounds a wild, few street lights, a step out, away, away,

What will the stars tell us, the trees, what will they say, how will we play?

Stay my heart, my calm, be so, whisperers only in the night, and daytime, the mountains pouring out their truth,

Maybe, if we’re ready, we will be, ready,


Easing Back, Back to Front, No Grind

After two weeks healing myself and my girls up from COVID, I’m logging back on to work life. Not on-site just yet; gotta solve this cough problem.


Back to front? It basically means, my intent to start work again with a fresh, healthier, balanced approach, retaining my sense of self and priority.

My goal? Give the full measure, but not lose myself along the way.

My work is important to our group and the company, but I can only do my best each day, respond to the inevitable ups and downs,

And that’s it.

Goal to give my best, but not my soul, no slave to the grind.

Giddy up.


I can’t really explain it very well. I feel like there’s a LOT going on…

That in some (many?) cases I have to let things fall away…

And sometimes in quite messy form, unfortunately,

And yet I think I’m keeping the main priorities squared away, plates in the air,

And then I wake up, mind spooling up quickly like a turbine,

And I’m awash with anxiety,

In the dark,

At 2 am.

Just saying, just sharing,

Because that’s my way.

And ever more I will go forward,

With the downs and the ups,

The Good and the not so good,

Awash unexpectedly,

But forward all the same.

Come, join me~~~

Channel The Earlies

I work for a bio tech company. We manufacture right here in good ol’ northern California, San Francisco Bay Area.

You might have heard we have about 9 million people in the metro area. Our company is sorta smack in the middle of it. That is to say, there are a LOT of people on the roads, especially during commute hours.

So this post is to some of my co-workers who rally to work in the early hours. I do it on occasion.

If I pulled the lever correctly, I’m already at work when this post hits.

Get after it early, like my man Bob, Dennis, Ty, Ricky, and others…

Much respect. Making it GOOD.

Black History Month 2022: Sam Sanders, Zach Stafford, Saeed Jones

These three amazing voices from right now, what a troika of power and good in the world.

Zach Stafford, accomplished journalist and editor, including the first Black Editor-In-Chief at The Advocate, also Editor-In-Chief at Buzzfeed, and also an investigative journalist at The Guardian.

Poet in power, author, amazing voice, Saeed Jones. Thoughtful, provocative, insightful, so much good to share.

Sam Sanders, journalist and podcaster, NPR voice of It’s Been A Minute, as well as other great reporting, filled with humor and insight that will challenge and awaken you.

Zach: “A check will never hold you when you’re sad and a piece of clothing will never be the thing you call for words of encouragement in your darkest moments,”

Saeed: “I made myself a promise: Even if it meant becoming a stranger to my loved ones, even if it meant keeping secrets, I would have a life of my own.”

Sam: “I think that since this country’s founding, America has been a country built on racial hierarchy and exploitation and subjugation. And a lot of that history is still present, and we don’t want to talk about it or examine just how big of a factor race is in American life still in 2021. And flashpoints like the insurrection last week are just the latest chapter in a book that we’ve been writing for decades and centuries now.”

Sam Sanders: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Sanders_(journalist)?wprov=sfti1

Saeed Jones: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saeed_Jones?wprov=sfti1

Zach Stafford : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zach_Stafford?wprov=sfti1