A Couple of Tunes

A couple of tunes helped make the difference tonight.

The first was on repeat as I started the after-dinner dishes.

We got this party started.


Meal with the kids, a typical dad dinner: New York beef hot dogs, and vegetable options: tonight it was green beans, carrots, or corn.

Dessert was simple, treats mom brought home from the store recently. And then there was a mix of self-guided activity to round out the evening. Everyone was tired this morning, so I was trying to angle for early to bed.

It was tricky.

Yes, it’s tricky.

Somehow we had lights out before 9 o’clock in the evening.

Good? GOOD.

Holy Hour

It happens most often during the 3am hour. Lying in the darkness, mostly asleep, shifting my head, feeling for a more comfortable spot on the pillow.

If there’s a lot going on — and in 2020 it seems that way most every day — my brain might start to churn.

To-Do’s, Things Done, and often, Prayers: all these flow through my head at this Holy Hour. I call it the Goly Hour because I think of it as prime time to reach out beyond myself. A minute of hope and angst, I pray, insisting that all the doubts and uncertainty and worry subside, that these evils bend to the higher power.

It’s not easy.

It’s a mixed bag of results, how much calm this Holy Hour brings; sometimes not much; sometimes I doze off again; sometimes I battle and improve my position, my position in my mind.

Good, bad or draw, it’s the Holy Hour: me, my thoughts and God.

The Universe and The Time: Carpe Diem, Vita Brevis: Seize the Day, Life is Short

From The Universe and The Time blog: “Carpe Diem, Vita Brevis” in other words, “Seize the Day, Life is Short”~

I stumbled across this blog a while back. Another iteration of a reminder we all need frequently – make the most each day; relish in the ordinary; we know not the hour or the day it will all be over, so make hay while you can.


And for the blog itself,
— Read on: theuniverseandthetime.blogspot.com/2013/02/carpe-diem-vita-brevis-seize-day-life.html


Weekend here, walks in the door, just four little days, felt it felt it, felt like more.

Smoke in the skies, COVID all around, bump through the days, count them down.

Weekend’s here, marked by a shake-up, hoops on the screen, play-doh milkshake, after supper snack offered in the wake,

Wake of a week we’ll repeat after two,

Days off, shake it off, go off, do it again. Do it all again,

Play-doh milkshake, for the win!

Fire In The Sky

It’s been quite a crazy year, this 2020.

We’ve got the Global COVID Pandemic, over 7,000 wild fires in the Western US so far, and sequester life and distance learning and so much wrapped up in between.

A weird year filled with uncertainty and many unsettling things.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area where fires are burning on three sides it seems, the sky was gray, then later dark orange-red.

The kids were saying it was something like a movie maybe, living on Mars.


Looking out into the strange orange hue, I can’t help but think, “Carry On.” “Keep going. Do what you can. Stay connected. Don’t give up.”

Even as there is fire in the sky waiting to rain down, PERSEVERE.

Do what you have to do to adjust and protect yourself and your people. And don’t let up. PERSEVERE.

Through the pandemic and challenges at work and home, enduring fire from the sky, the orange red time of many unknowns, PERSEVERE.

Back At It

A little longer stretch, a little gentler start as we kick back into the “new normal” after the three-day weekend capped by the Labor Day holiday. The kids back to distance learning. The adults back to work-from-home. Easy does it.

I think about the riders in the Tour de France, entering their second week of the three-week race. They’re racing a 170 km on Tuesday. Their already in one of the biggest, longest, most grueling races in the world. A Grinder, to be sure. Add COVID protocols, all the more challenging. It’s been a tough race so far, with plenty of crashes, and some riders already crashing out.

So when I think about heading back to work, to the daily grind here at home…well, while it’s all relative, I, we’ve got it pretty good. Help ourselves start the day with the right attitude. Help the kids do the same. Stay hydrated. Stay invigorated.

Now, if these fires in the area would subside, and the heat-wave would break…then I might call it…wait for it…it’s really no surprise…GOOD.

Simple Blessings

Friday night, front end of the three-day holiday weekend.

Everybody ready for bed by eight in the evening, relaxing, screens fired up, and kids winding down.

Room lighting just so, a fan blowing gently behind me, easy breeze, hum, glow from the screen on the wall delivering food network fun, light, soft-brain goodness. What’s on? “Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.”

That’s about it.

Brain slowing, blood pressure easing up, sleep soon on the way. And up ahead? Well, nothing but home time and family time for the weekend.

Simple. GOOD.

Thanks, Guy.

Guy F., (Right), “Diners, Drive-In’s, & Dives.” Food Network

Hello, September

We interrupt the normally scheduled stream of consciousness for a little learning opportunity.

This month begun, September. It used to be the seventh month of a ten-month year on the Roman calendar. The root word actually means “seven”. Back then the year began with March. And then 2,400 years ago, it got bumped forward to 9th, when the Romans decided to begin counting the winter months, too.

Whatever the history, so begins this new month, the sixth month of the COVID period, the pandemic of our lifetime.

And yet even on the midst of this upside down and dangerous time, I look for the silver. Lining, that is.

There’s much to learn this month, some progress to be made, joy to be had. Even as things unravel, and the political season heats up, as our American society struggles and people are dying on the streets, protests sometimes coming unhinged, still, still, STILL, we’ll find our way.

And so seventh or ninth, September: Make it good.

Hmm, that did end up to be a stream of consciousness. Common theme here. Ah well, more GOOD.