When I heard this song for the first time more than thirty years ago, I was just getting into U2’s music. It hadn’t really spoken to me up until that time (mid-80’s) — I’d been more rooted in heavy metal, heavier rock music.

And then this one came along. I was hooked pretty quick. The simple riff and especially the words, they grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. The lyrics are modified slightly, but pretty well directly from Psalm 40. My faith had been well established around this same time, as I struggled through adolescence.

To this day, this very minute, this song bouyes me, lifts me up, urges me to persevere, and find strength in faith.

Yes sir, it sure does. This is…


I waited patiently for the Lord
He inclined and heard my cry
He brought me up out of the pit
Out of the miry clay

I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song

How long to sing this song
How long to sing this song
How long…how long…how long…
How long…to sing this song

He set my feet upon a rock
And made my footsteps firm
Many will see
Many will see and fear

I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song
I will sing, sing a new song

How long to sing this song
How long to sing this song
How long…how long…how long…
How long…to sing this song

Writer(s): Clayton Adam, Mullen Laurence, Evans David, Hewson Paul David


I found myself deep in it this past weekend. Inertia. My particular case was mental inertia.

High minded goals stalled out. Some things completed, but much still to do.

With a little faith and patience and some love too, I came out the other side. Then I fell back in again, into the funk.

When you find yourself in that mindset it can be tough. And it can ebb and flow; a subtle yet teal challenge to wade through and overcome. But you CAN get through it.

Do the next right thing. And then do it again. And again. That’s the path forward. And be patient, even as it’s uncomfortable and maybe frustrating. Be patient. And do the next right thing.

You’ll get through it.


A Little Slice of Joy

Recently went out to the Central Valley to watch our nephew play basketball, and also celebrate my brother -in-law’s birthday.

It was a little slice of joy on Sunday afternoon in Turlock, California. Lovely drive, lovely weather, fun adventure, great celebration.

Nothing fancy, mind you; all the same, I had a definite sense of family, and gratitude at the chance to be together and doing something outside the usual.

I love the Central Valley. Much of my mom’s side of the family lived out this way. Some of that family is still out here. It’s a different feel, a little more low-key, a little more old school. Not the same hustle and bustle and congested population as where we live. It’s a nice change for a bit.

The wife and I had a nice conversation on the drive too; that was a wonderful bonus. We don’t get much time to just chat with three little kids.

Of course, there’s plenty to do at home, plenty on the list.

That said, taking time to “live a little”, and not merely attend to chores and tasks well, that’s a little slice of joy.

We need more of that. Or maybe we need it more frequently. Or both. At least I do.

I bet you do too. Next time you get the chance for a little adventure outside the norm, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you made the time for a little slice of joy.

I know I was glad to get the chance. And I look forward to the next time. Soon.


Old Places, Old Friends, New Friends, GOOD.

Spent part of this past weekend with a few of my wife’s old friends. Good little bunch of folks, nice to have the time with them.

Super cool to see old friends together, easy rapport, recollections, new chapters shared too. I love having those moments with my peeps too; but really, just as inspiring to watch it happen with those who mean the most to you. Good Times.

Old places — in this case, Santa Cruz — old one the sense that it’s familiar, but also not a place I get to very often. Cool place to re-connect, cool place to hang and soak up the stories.

As we round out the year and the decade, good time to remember what matters most in this life: the people we’re with and the stories we share.

Here’s to the 20’s arriving shortly, and all the possibilities, all the good.

Lion Mike, Lions All, We Serve

The Monday before Thanksgiving our local Lions club delivered holiday dinner, plus extra food staples, for 170 plus families in need in our community.

The majority of our members, along with some awesome “civilian” volunteers, turn out over the three days prior to do with work planning, setting up at the grocery stores where we ask for food donations, collect the food, transport, sort, and then deliver the meals to five distribution points.

A lot of people come together to make the event a success. We rent a big delivery truck with cold storage, a couple trailers…it’s quite a production for our little group.

One guy in particular who shows up is Lion Mike. Here’s why I mention him specifically.

He moved out to Nevada a year or so back. That’s about 250 miles away. He comes down for the weekend to drive the refrigerator truck (with ~ 36’ length storage area) on the delivery day, maneuvering highways, surface streets, and parking lots, etc.

This sort of giving of one’s self, that’s the essence of Lionism. Sacrificing one’s own comfort to help others in need. Lion Mike, Lions all, living by a simple credo: We Serve.

Let this attitude that guides and motivates us during the holidays also light the way each and every day, as we continue on this season, and into the new year.

Let’s be like my man, Mike, and all my Lion brothers and sisters: Do what you can when given the chance. GOOD.

Leisurely Day? #Gratitude

Yeh thankful-fest continues…relaxed, many little lessons, many little blessings. We headed out to the Golf Course at Moffett Field. Been open to the public for several years now. Was a combined Navy and Air Force base for decades prior.

Historic Feel. Nothing fancy. A little gem nonetheless.

They don’t get used much, but nice to have them out today.
Good day with three great humans, friends for decades, very grateful for them in my life, for the humor, and always, for the easy insights.
Good walk spoiled? Spoiled to be in such a great spot on a carefree afternoon…
Spent some time here…
And some time here too…
Sometimes a putter was the right answer even from a ways out…lesson? ADAPT.
2/3 thru the round, it was clear our approach to the day was the right way…focus on the together…
Nice to have a walk with good friends around this historic place.

A carefree afternoon, filled with gratitude for the time and these friendships. A little gem, each one.