Black History Month 2022: Sam Sanders, Zach Stafford, Saeed Jones

These three amazing voices from right now, what a troika of power and good in the world.

Zach Stafford, accomplished journalist and editor, including the first Black Editor-In-Chief at The Advocate, also Editor-In-Chief at Buzzfeed, and also an investigative journalist at The Guardian.

Poet in power, author, amazing voice, Saeed Jones. Thoughtful, provocative, insightful, so much good to share.

Sam Sanders, journalist and podcaster, NPR voice of It’s Been A Minute, as well as other great reporting, filled with humor and insight that will challenge and awaken you.

Zach: “A check will never hold you when you’re sad and a piece of clothing will never be the thing you call for words of encouragement in your darkest moments,”

Saeed: “I made myself a promise: Even if it meant becoming a stranger to my loved ones, even if it meant keeping secrets, I would have a life of my own.”

Sam: “I think that since this country’s founding, America has been a country built on racial hierarchy and exploitation and subjugation. And a lot of that history is still present, and we don’t want to talk about it or examine just how big of a factor race is in American life still in 2021. And flashpoints like the insurrection last week are just the latest chapter in a book that we’ve been writing for decades and centuries now.”

Sam Sanders:

Saeed Jones:

Zach Stafford :

Black History Month 2022: Andre Leon Talley

Didn’t know about this guy. Glad to have discovered a little about him, amazed and inspired by his fortitude, spark, and vision.

6 foot 6 inches tall, a Black, Queer Man, in a cape often times, that’s how he was introduced to me.

Quite the human, quite the larger than life influencer on design, lifestyle, and life perspective, for decades.

Thank you, Andre Leon Talley!

Elevate the voices that need to be heard.

Sweet Spot

I think I heard this term first related to tennis rackets; that spot on the webbing where the ball will respond the truest off the surface when it makes contact,

Probably true for golf club faces and baseball bats too…

Concept applied otherwise,

Enough pressure, expectation, but not *too* much so.

Applicable across so many topics, I think.

“Loose but disciplined”, Steve Kerr talking about the flow state the GS Warriors try to create in basketball games, at their best,

Fleeting, but not so, mindset meets moment, properly prepared,

Seeking to create that flow state, smack dab in the middle of the sweet spot, ready, responding, living fully in the moment, right where you want to be.

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

I heard an interview recently with a evangelical church pastor somewhere in Tennessee or otherwise in that region of the United States of America…

This particular person was of the ilk that the United States of America is a Christian nation… That this particular is part of its foundation, it’s fabric…

And although I am a Christian, I wholeheartedly reject this perspective that America is a “Christian nation“…

This is at the crux of at least part of the fundamental conflicts in this country, and our people…

Confusion about who was here at the beginning, as opposed to what the ideals were by which we found it, and have fought for this country‘s existence for 200+ years…

The United States of America is for ALL people, THAT is the ideal, the forever, fundamental ethos of what America is,

At least for me.

Amen AMEN.

Mindset? Mindfulness

Nearly two years now, approaching two,

World upside down, more than one way,

Crisis demanding response,

Many ways, we might say,

Stark circumstances, consequences, what to do, how to play,

New early morning routines, lots of thoughts in the dark,

How to go forward, next steps, each day?

Pit of stomach holds me back most days, many anyway,

What to do, how to handle,

A different approach, a master’s approach,

Get me there,

We’ll see…

“Breathing in, I calm my body,

Breathing out, I smile,

Dwelling in the present moment,

I know this is a wonderful moment.”

SAL’s Other View

Learned a lot from this guy in a short amount of time.

Doer, for sure.

After grinding for decades in his work, refreshed, more balanced perspective.

As mentioned previous,

He’s a supply chain guy, but also a musician, and commercial fisherman.

He’s a no BS, get it done sorta dude. He’s got some sorta magic; I want what he’s got. Quiet contentment.

Good sense of where “work” fits into life. Not a guy to shy away, but also not one to be consumed,

Fun to find this unexpected example of good work — skills, ethic, attitude,

Good to have SAL around, real good,

Easy to see why the water calls him…he’s like the ocean,

Sure, straight forward, those traits aren’t timeless.

Thankful for SAL~~~

Goat Trails

Back when I started at the company under which I’m currently employed, we were in five
buildings near each other in a sort of quasi cul-de-sac.

My buddy and I would sometimes walk together between buildings, as was necessary depending
on what had to be done; different departments were housed in separate buildings.

And my buddy would take different paths at different times, and depending on where he was going; at the time,
I remember thinking it was interesting, the diffrent routes. He called them “goat trails”, I think.

I find myself still using goat trails — different routes from A to B — to get around, even though the company is now in one larger building that fits everyone.

I especially like to use the stairs, even though most of my work activities happen one the first floor.

The stairs provide a bit more exercise, which I definitely need. Also adds steps, to help me toward my daily goal of 10,000 steps (and 10 floors).

Walking every hour (necessary to reach to goal) doesn’t take long, gives the mind a little micro-break, and is good for your health all around — physical and mental — nothing better, I’ve found.

Keep going, however you can, I think that’s the message. FORWARD.

Draw The Line

So many different references this simple phrase represents; it all boils down to a parameter. That which you don’t want to cross.

Looking back to Monday, it was a company holiday, but I’d been thinking about doing a little work anyway as a primer for the week.

I resisted. I drew the line at working on a paid holiday, so decreed by my employer.

But lots to do, lots to do…then I think, I could work 24/7 and it’d still be a big hill to climb…so much, but also only so much to give for work, to the churning machine that never sleeps…

So I doubled down on kids time.

And I did a few things around the house; still plenty to do there as well; constant swirl it feels like there too.

And more kids time.

And now the weekend, another chance to draw the line; kids grow up fast, the time with them is precious, truly precious…and so draw that line for them.

Pretty happy about that line.

Pretty darn good.