What We Need

Funny thing, consider what we need. Two samples, both sides, bubble up in mind, consider if you will,

Our older daughter swiftly approaching her teen years, wants a mobile phone, of course of course,

Has a “practice phone just now”, no service, limited doings possible just now,

All the same, wanted a “pocket socket” for better in-hand functionality, agreed agreed, much better experience indeed,

And so she purchased, own money, on her own, good for her, wanted it, needed it? Sure, good for her.

The other? Me myself and I, have used a FitBit movement tracker the last four years, love the data and insight,

Device died two weeks back, too much money to replace just now, other bills, other priorities, other ways to track my time and movement,

WANT it, but don’t NEED it, let it go, let it go, did, done, good for me, good for me, just what I need.

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