Do What You Can

I’m all for the ideal, an objective or goal pursued with singleminded focus and intensity. In my life, with rules and responsibilities as they are, such luxury is fleeting at best.

That said, I’ll do what I can and return to focus as oft time allows, observing and noticing and sharing along these myriad highways and by-ways called life.

In the rear view I see three decades quickly receding to the horizon, and wonder what’s all meant? Can I be proud of my efforts, to do what I can?

I think so. I think I can surly say it’s been an all-out effort to make the most of the here and there, opportunities and experiences that have presented,

I’ve been present as best I can, doing what I can, when I can, lots of cans,

But is it all canned?

That’s funny, humor important along the way, this particular way, my way.

I’ve shared before the experience of being pulled, tugged, pushed, shoved off intended trajectory toward unplanned stuff; that’s basically the same theme running once again. And so when you get shoved course, do what you can, reset, and keep going forward.

Forward, that’s the main goal. Evaluating the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade…are we going forward? Do we have maybe a little joy and grace sprinkled along the way…? And if so? One of my favorite words…


Do what you can.

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