Split Decision

That’s what it takes, that’s the way to make it the world go around, split decision.

Precious few hours with your kids, workday done, leave it at work, spin toward what matters,

split decision, for your kids, family,

Sharp pain in the neck, center back, stalled out distracted car ride home, not worth it, no no, split, need a break,

Decision each day to reclaim the rest of your life, work needed, necessary, what makes the world go ‘round,

But in the end, 24/7 not healthy, not balanced, not the end, split decision to those things that WILL matter in the end,

Family, Friends, Faith, those three that maybe distinguish us from the rest, without, a little, maybe a lot, empty,

Split decision, you can do it, take care of you, those around you, your life,

make it so.

Park Scenes: Slow Down, Soak In, Play

#goodstuff #dadlife #dadslife #halffullallgood

Several parks, two cities, a couple days, one theme: PLAY. Adventures to a new park a few days again. Another park closer to home on Saturday, trying yet another tomorrow.

Such a simple concept, PLAY. Such an easy thing to do, make possible for your kids, any kids in your world,

Find a new park, let them play. Earlier in the day or toward the end, such an easy gesture, yet so worth it.

Lots to do? Chores, errands…stuff. Fine. It’ll get done. Build in the time with kids to let them play, empower them to do so. Far more memorable.

Let them play.




I shared this one before. Not mine, not even U2’s originally…

Originally from a now nameless writer several thousand years ago. What language was it even written in?

No matter. The words ate timeless in their comfort and hope. From Psalm 40.

“I wait for the Lord, he inclines and hears my cry; he lift me up out of the pit, out of the myre and clay…

And I will sing a new song of praise to the Lord…”

Something like that. Each minute. Each hour. Each day. Something like that.

“Inspire Change”

National Football League teams. Seen on the back of football helmets at the base:

“Inspire Change” ~ a simple, powerful message. What does it speak to? So many different topics that this phrase might apply to:

In business,

In society,

In politics,


I’d only add the implied, additional clarifying word:

Inspire POSITIVE Change~


One day at a time, one circumstance at a time, make the effort when given the chance. Maybe even create the chance.



Forever Reluctant

Why oh why, always reluctant,

I seem to be, most often reluctant,

To end the time, the pause, the respite, preferring,

The break in the routine, the schedule, the day to day,

Reluctant to end the weekend, the vacation, the rest,

Not sure why, not sure why.

I’ve been this way since I was a child, still the same, much the same today,

Why oh why?

Bottom line, fine to consider the why, more important to push through and do.

Reluctant or not, if it needs to be done,


All Saints’ Day

The day some honor all those deemed “saints” by the church. Maybe that’s even small “c” church; all groups have those model folks others are inspired to emulate.

Good idea to learn from those who’ve gone before us, those who have set a good example, who have showed us the way.

Those who live in the here and now, and choose the high road, who stay calm in the face of chaos, who can rise above, be the light, be the calm.

Those ones, and then they do good, those ones, Saints on Earth. Let’s remember them all, All Saints Day.

One of my favorite saints from times passed, Ignatius of Loyola.

Default: Ponder

I woke up straight out of sleep recently in the dark, 445am. That’s around the usual time during the week I wake up.

I slipped pretty quickly to prayer; it’s a cycle of gratitude, reflection, forgiveness, and good thoughts for others. I do it most mornings to set my head straight to start the day.

It takes a while. But it’s the mindset, the practice that works for me. Ponder, to start each day.

There aren’t a couple of guys that come to mind that are maybe the exact opposite of me in this particular way.

These two guys I follow through posts and podcasts, they are what we could call Alpha Doers. Both are ex-military officers. Extremely accomplished.

Jocko Willink and Stan McChrystal.

They wake up and they immediately DO. At least that’s how it seems from reading about their morning rituals.

Not to say they’re not thinkers. On the contrary. By all accounts they seems to be deep thinkers and very smart. But their “modus operandi” is GO, DO. Seems their heads are straight from the get when they open their eyes.

I’ve heard in various forms Jocko say, “Default; Aggressive.” Military ops, jujitsu, business, life, in all of these, often the preferred mode: get after it.

Would that I could be that way. It’s just not me. My first step isn’t always forward. At least mostly. At least not in that way.

But forward overall? YES. Forward.

Just a little ponder on it all first.

Hmm. More to ponder.