We all have them.

How to sort, categorize?

Professional? For sure. How we make living, how we pay the bills,

But family too, gotta say, gotta say, family is first…it’s a hard pull sometimes, but that’s my take. Different philosophies around that, plenty of business people who sometimes – maybe even often – fudge their family in favor of the deadline, the trip, the deal…

Add on Parenting, those little folks who count on us, gotta be there for them when they are in need,

After all, what is it that we’ll remember, what they will remember about the work years?

How to square this all off, that’s the big question…

Regularly evaluate your situ, your overall, your day-to-day, give yourself an update…

Work: Check the list, consult with colleagues, reset tasks as needed, hold others accountable as appropriate, keep going forward…

Fam: Prioritize them. Period. Especially if you’re a parent. Gotta be the case. I know this might be counter-culture for workaholic American business culture, but if so well, so be it. Family first, especially if you’re a parent.

Self: Another counter-culture move, maybe, but you gotta prioritize your own well being too. Self-care is real; if you’re not in good space, you can’t be at your best for those around you…at work, at home, everywhere.

Priorities, Summed Up:

Dial ‘em in,

be ready to adjust as needed,

Take care of your people,

Take care of you,


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