Extraneous, Receding

Extraneous: not forming an essential or vital part

Receding: to move back or away : WITHDRAW

Interesting and magical, the way vacation, retreat can remove the extra in your life, the non-essential.

Being near the ocean has this effect for me. I am grateful for this effect. A very busy life responds to the insistent, gentle roar of the waves, of the blue-grey, endless horizon Meeting dull white clouds far off,

Much of the busy quickly feels extraneous, manageable, less insistent.

Stiff morning muscles loosen, common cold crept in is less annoying, just part of the forever water and sky and white noise of white waves and Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto, softly singing, inside, lilting through the morning.

Outside the ice slowing melts, drip drip drip after morning hail storm; churning ocean down the bluff slowly recedes to low tide,

Like my worries and anxieties and extras and dailies and the darkness deep inside me gives way to light and love, extraneous recedes and what is left?

Light and Love.

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