More Joy, Less Judgement

Striving for more joy, less judgement, battle by the hour, by the minute sometimes.

Spring Break, road trip north, deep desire, deep need for much joy, less structure, less expectation, schedule, let it be, let it be, filled with joy.

Judgement seeps in, my own, several ways, push it out, away,

“Get behind me, Satan”, your judgement is not welcome here, of me, my children,

My own voice somehow sounds gravely like that red-eyed demon, the devil’s unwanted judgment has snuck in for the moment,

Less judgement, MORE JOY,

I insist, I INSIST, and Satan recedes again, exits the room, my heart,

Less judgement, MORE JOY,

More joy, MORE LOVE,

Let it be so, let it be so.

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