Weathering Dread

As I scribble this down, I find myself in the middle, the eye of a micro-emotional storm, swirling about as another day dawns. So strange how these come on.

Not sure why, how it always comes about this way, lately most every day from slumber zero to sixty, a couple blinks,

Don’t think too much, wish I could, wish I could.

The tasks pile up in a hurry, list growing like Jack’s bean stalk, curling up to the sky,

Why oh why? Is it really so much or simply my particular reaction to it, why do I do it to myself over and over again?

Just my own particular way, only thing I can think to say, my response to regular stuff, how I am, it’s a little rough,

So I scribble down, tap tap tap on the tiny screen, scribble down to be speaking out my tale,

Not kept in but out instead, shared out to all without fail, to prevail over myself, for myself, by myself,

Weathering the dread inside my head, to reach the far shore, to embrace another day,


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