Why Scribble Down?

At least a few questions come to my mind, a few years into this writing endeavor. It’s been eight years now on this blog, sharing out to the world. Moreover, we’re on year three of the daily post model.

What questions stand out? The most obvious,

“Why do you feel compelled to blog at all, put your words out to the world at all?”,

To which the answer rushes to the fore time and again, because someone might relate, the words might somehow help someone out there somewhere, or at least give a chuckle.

That’s another reason, related. Most all my life I seem to have had deep thoughts, these mixed with humor have been my constant companions,

And so if not a helpful insight do my words bring, if only a bit of lightness, ok ok, that’s ok.

I scribble down because it’s better out of my head, thoughts, words said, only to me ok, but if someone else finds solace, a little spark, all the better,

Better to share and strive and do, than look back and think, “I should have.”

These words like songs pour out of my heads, endless, boundless….meaningless? I

I hope not.

Finally too I enjoy the form, the freedom, scribbled down in whatever manner I choose, sometimes often just as they come to mind, purest form, purest offering of me,

And sometimes too longer form, expository, as I was taught, guided all those years ago, to make serious points, persuasive, polished a bit more, complete,

But only seldom do those manifest instead,

My manifest destiny is to share with the world, good to the world, out in the world, let it be so, let it be


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