A Pause: Fun With Haiku

This brief pause in my Haiku fun for the month of May, a little from behind the curtain,

Main motivation, to push my writing into little concise bits with Haiku Form, but also continue to express my own, unique observations and experiences,

Grateful for this platform and space to share, anyone who enjoys, all the more rewarding,

For those of you not so familiar with the Japanese poetry form, an example below from the so-called “Greatest Master of Haiku”, Matsuo Basho (translated to English, obviously), please enjoy,

“the first cold shower,

even the monkey seems to want,

a little coat of straw”

Reading just a bit about Basho, I feel somehow a kindred spirit to his story from more than 300 years ago,

Somehow finding threads to his experience, tho’ my journey appears on the surface to be so different,

But perhaps not so much, this possibility gives me more than a bit of unexpected peace…


More on Basho? Here:


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