I’ve Heard It Said

I’ve heard it said that children at some point begin to resist what their parents have to say. This behavior is maybe obvious for adolescent-age kids, but it could happen at any age I suppose.

Well, that reality has now arrived in my life. And our oldest daughter is nine years old.

We’re into Distance Learning and managing technology and the tweaked schedules and work/school/life melding together. We’re into each other’s business and activities space — even after five months we have our bumps.

And so on Distance Learning, second week of school there are a couple suggestions I made to my daughter.

But does the kid want to listen?

Oh no…not to me, anyway.

But it’s not until her teacher says, “it would probably be a good idea if…“ that she’s ready to listen.

Exactly what I said, but from a different voice, a different source of wisdom and authority, and the teacher wins out. I can live with that, as a parent. Better for our daughter to listen to the teacher, and gather the understanding.

After all, her teacher is for the present; parents, dads and moms, we are forever. 🙂

And once I can be at peace with that Delta of attitude, the way our daughter reacts to me, and how she reacts to other adults she should look to for guidance and leader- ship…

It’s on me to be OK with that, and once I am I am happy. Maybe even relieved. She’s on the right track. Amen to that.

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