What Motivates You?

It’s a fundamental question. What motivates you? What lights your fire? What inspires you?

Once you’ve figured that out, then…

How do you create it “on demand,” when you need it? After all, motivation helps us get things done.

So with our kids in this regard, it’s all about identifying what motivates them to do the things we want them to do, and then coming through with the reward.

Where we live there’s been a heat wave the last week or so. And there are wild fires burning in nearly every county in the state. The air smells like a camp fire. And, and, AND it was the first full week of school. Distance Learning. Fricking TOUGH week.

But our kids powered through with pretty good attitudes and related efforts. And so they were rewarded for their efforts.


Our son has talked about these little transformers all week.

Today he got to bring a few home. That was his motivation. He made sustained efforts all week. He’s off to a fine start.

And that’s GOOD.

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