Friday, Two Minute Catch Up

Lately I’ve had my daily piece written and scheduled (at least) the night before. Not today.

School underway for our kids, distance learning, shitty conditions outside with a heat wave and wild fires in the hills nearby and pandemic life, and…it all caught up with me this time.

So a two minute post from the kids’ room. It’s still sorta dark. The nightlight glows. The air filter machine is humming to clear the air. It’s the final quiet before a busy day lets loose.

And yet what comes to mind is hope. And love. These things endure. Through it all. If we let it.

I’m gonna try to let it.

Lyrics Post: “Animate”

Yet another beauty by the Canadian Prog Rock Hall of Famers, RUSH.

The jam, the word-play, the images…what can I say? AWESOME.

Let it all sink in. Then listen to the song. You’ll be glad you did.


Polarize me
Sensitize me
Criticize me
Civilize me
Compensate me
Animate me
Complicate me
Elevate me

Goddess in my garden
Sister in my soul
Angel in my armor
Actress in my role

Daughter of a demon lover
Empress of the hidden face
Priestess of the pagan mother
Ancient queen of inner space

Spirit in my psyche
Double in my role
Alter in my image
Struggle for control

Mistress of the dark unconscious
Mermaid of the lunar sea
Daughter of the great enchantress
Sister to the boy inside of me

My counterpart, my foolish heart
A man must learn to rule his tender part
A warming trend, a gentle friend
A man must build a fortress to defend
A secret face, a touch of grace
A man must learn to give a little space
A peaceful state, a submissive trait
A man must learn to gently dominate

Polarize me
Sensitize me
Criticize me
Civilize me
Compensate me
Animate me
Complicate me
Elevate me

Writer(s): Neil Peart

And the tune? Live in Frankfurt in 2010? Sure! HERE:

A New Way

Striving, searching, thinking about a new path. How to proceed, how to behave, how to think about it all?

We walk a path, we work hard to get in the groove. We find the pace, the manner to step, we get comfortable with the features along the way.

And then inevitably, at some point, things change. Maybe gradual, or maybe abruptly. Sometimes maybe a punch in the nose knocks you off course. And then what?

You have to find a new path. Maybe everything is crushed, or maybe some things are gone, changed.

Find a new path. Find a new way.

Bonus Post: This Bowl

This bowl had one of my favorite things in it today: leftovers.

I can’t even recall what exactly was in it. But it helped me get through what felt like a long and was for sure another hot, humid day in the garage office.

It’s my daughters’ bowl, and I was glad to have a little kid inspiration to soldier through. Lately it’s been tough. Real tough.

But just like Wonder Woman, like any super hero you might have come to mind, I’m plodding ahead even when odds are stacked and the outcome is unknown.

Inspiration and nourishment from a bowl. Not bad. In fact…


I Don’t Understand

I was listening to the radio recently, about a person in New Jersey living in these pandemic times. They didn’t explain what his backstory was, whether he had a family, kids, etc. That said, he was quoted as saying. “I wake up on Saturday and I think, ‘What am I gonna do to fill my time today…’”

I find it really hard to imagine what it would be like. I just don’t understand.

Of course, at least part of my experience, much of it actually, is framed by the three little children so we have. Our family is busy all the time, it seems, keeping up, catching up, I don’t have difficulty wondering how I will fill my time.

And so I’ve reflected, or I need to a lot more, on what my mindset is, not fill my head with noise, or try not to; instead, think more deeply about what I do day-to-day.

That will give me some insight on how I relate to others. Maybe some new insight, some new understanding, a more complete path forward. How do they find time to…be unsure what to do next with their time? I don’t understand; but I would like to understand.

I would like that. To understand.

Heart to Heart

“Dad, can I talk to you outside,” said our youngest kid to me last weekend. We were camping in the backyard, tent set up for the three kids and me.

Our son and I had just gotten into it — he’s seven, the middle kid — and he as lying on the tent floor crying in the dark. Poor guy. I felt pretty crummy. I came down on him a little too hard (not physically, mind you, but shutting down his banter as we were trying to go to sleep for the night).

And so? So our younger daughter asked to step out side the tent to talk. It was more like a talking to. She to me. We crawled out of the tent and walked a few feet away, standing quietly in the dark on the back patio.

It was a heart to heart talk; she explained to me how she understood that I had hurt our son’s feelings; it was how I should have not been so hard on him; that they were all “to blame.”

I was taken aback by her tender thoughts about her brother. She quietly and sincerely explained her feelings about the situation. I was also taken back by by my own short fuse of patience to round out the day. I hadn’t needed to be so sharp with my son.

That heart to heart talk reminded me of the need to be more patient, even if I feel the fuse burning down. That conversation in the dark also reminded me how luck we are to have children that display empathy, and in particular taking action in a mature manner when spurred by that empathy.

Heart to Heart, GOOD.

Reaching, Seeking, Being

It’s fundamental, really, all readings aside. Or maybe it’s every Bible reading, every Quran reading, every Tanahk reading too. Maybe they all have the same basic guidance.

Reach to be better. Seek the lessons from before, and now. Be better. Every day.

If religion was that simple, if humans perceived a better path in those simple terms, maybe it would be a better world.

I think so. But maybe that’s just me. I’ll put it out there anyway.

Milestone: Nine Hundred Posts!

A simple celebration, a simple milestone to take pause and note, there are now NINE HUNDRED POSTS to this site, “Half Full, All Good.”

This blog has become what many bloggers find, a frequently used outlet to share thoughts, insights, reflections, inspiration. Such a blessing, at least for me — hopefully for you all too on occasion.

My tip for anyone interested in blogging — get out of your own way and do it.

Nike was right: JUST DO IT.


Every day.



It’ll be…


These Words

These words we say, these words we sing, these words we share,

They seek to explain the thoughts we have, the feelings inside, the struggles and pain, the hopes and the love,

These words, they make us different perhaps, from every other animal on the face of the earth. When we are unsure, when we are striving, straining, explaining,

We use words to fill the void, to fill the holes, to explain, clarify, convince.

To what end?

Sometimes good, sometimes not so, time will tell. They might be your own doing, or your salvation, these words.

Lyrics Post: “RESIST”

A song that might be below the radar for casual listeners of the Canadian band; however, RUSH Heads, true believers know the tune for sure. If you ever went to a show after this song came out, the band often played it as part of the set.

What to resist? So many things might fall into this category? This song spells out some pretty good thoughts on the matter.


I can learn to resist
Anything but temptation
I can learn to coexist
With anything but pain

I can learn to compromise
Anything but my desires
I can learn to get along
With all the things I can’t explain

I can learn to resist
Anything but frustration
I can learn to persist
With anything but aiming low

I can learn to close my eyes
To anything but injustice
I can learn to get along
With all the things I don’t know

You can surrender
Without a prayer
But never really pray
Pray without surrender

You can fight
Without ever winning
But never ever win
Without a fight

I can learn to resist
Anything but temptation
I can learn to coexist
With anything but pain

I can learn to compromise
Anything but my desires
I can learn to get along
With all the things I can’t explain

Writer(s): Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart