I Don’t Understand

I was listening to the radio recently, about a person in New Jersey living in these pandemic times. They didn’t explain what his backstory was, whether he had a family, kids, etc. That said, he was quoted as saying. “I wake up on Saturday and I think, ‘What am I gonna do to fill my time today…’”

I find it really hard to imagine what it would be like. I just don’t understand.

Of course, at least part of my experience, much of it actually, is framed by the three little children so we have. Our family is busy all the time, it seems, keeping up, catching up, I don’t have difficulty wondering how I will fill my time.

And so I’ve reflected, or I need to a lot more, on what my mindset is, not fill my head with noise, or try not to; instead, think more deeply about what I do day-to-day.

That will give me some insight on how I relate to others. Maybe some new insight, some new understanding, a more complete path forward. How do they find time to…be unsure what to do next with their time? I don’t understand; but I would like to understand.

I would like that. To understand.

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