Blue Monday: Not What You Think

Sometimes Blue Monday can be good. In fact, sometimes the color blue can make Monday a little easier to cope with.  Allow me to explain.

The company I work for gave each employee a few Navy Blue, company logo-ed polo shirts several years back.  The idea is that we wear the same company shirt when we have client-facing meetings, have customers attending  training sessions at our facility, etc.   I decided several years back to make it a habit of wearing the company shirt on Mondays, whether or not I had a client meeting.  The motivation was a simple one.

If you work a “normal week” (unless you’re in the Middle East), Monday is the day we get back into the work groove.  We step back into our professional life, review our activities from the previous week, consider what needs to be done for the week, deal with any urgent matters that have come up, and generally start ticking items off the to-do list.

I figure it’s a good idea to take one variable out of the equation as the work-week begins. By wearing the company shirt on Mondays I don’t have to make the wardrobe decision in the early morning when I’m getting ready for the day.  It is already decided.

This approach works well for me.  I take my work seriously and make an effort to do my best every day.  That said, I have a little extra respect for Mondays. Monday can be difficult.  After all, it’s sorta like the ocean:  you never know exactly how it’s going to behave, what surprise it might spring on you, etc.

I read an article one time that Barack Obama pretty much wears the same color suits, most of the time.  This simple approach to fashion allows him to focus his attention on the many decisions he has to make as Commander-in-Chief.  By making his clothing choices more automatic, it’s one less thing he has to think about.

While I don’t have THOSE sorts of decisions to make, with three little kids at home and a busy life otherwise, I seem to have a lot going on most days.  Workdays start before five o’clock in the morning.  So picking the Navy Blue polo on Monday morning as I dress in the dim pre-dawn light makes it easier for me to get out the door and into the workday.

Like most things, it’s not a hundred percent.  Close, but not quite.  Today I wore a brown plaid shirt.  Just wanted to mix it up a little bit.  At least I had my Navy Blue over-shirt on too.

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