30 Ways to Stay Positive & Inspired

This collection is from a month-long campaign to create more GOOD in the world.  I hope some of these…even just one from the list, gives you a new idea, a new spark, and a path to creating more positive attitude for yourself.   As one of the points below highlights, “positive begets more positive; it’s infectious”, or something like that.  So give it  a try. Get after it. And stay after it.

  1. “No matter what, find the tasty kernel. And savor it. Toss the rest. It’s just chaff in the harvest of life.”
  2. Straight from Tim Ferriss. Absolutely true. “Make your bed every day.” Try it for a week. Feel the POSITIVE follow.
  3. Compartmentalize!
  4. Cultivate and maintain a good sense of humor. Find the funny in the everyday. I.E., “I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear.” Humor brightens your mood, and those around you too!-x.
  5. “Don’t compare yourself to others. If you do, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”
  6. Foster Optimism.
  7. Practice Gratitude.
  8. “Celebrate other people’s joy and accomplishments. You’ll be surprised at how that effects you for the better.”
  9. When something good comes to mind, share it. The share perpetuates the positive within yourself, and it’s infectious.
  10. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
  11.  Smile and laugh OFTEN.  Maintain a sense of humor. Be cheerful.
  12. Remind yourself to savor: a good moment during the day, a pretty sky, your kid’s laughter, your dog (or cat) being SO happy you’re home!
  13. Don’t dwell on the negative. Instead, find and celebrate the positives, no matter how minor or small they  might seem.  The more you celebrate and are thankful, the more good karma that tends to follow.
  14. “Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.”.
  15. “It is so, it cannot be otherwise.’ ~ Inscription in Flemish in 15th century cathedral in Amsterdam.  The meaning?  Accept things as they are. THEN consider and take steps to improve them if need be, and if possible.
  16. Begin the day with 15 minutes of personal reflection, affirmations, reminding yourself to BE POSITIVE.
  17. Reward yourself frequently with little snippets of GOOD, whatever makes you happy:  a brief break at work or home doing chores, a bit of spontaneous entertainment (read, TV, internet wandering, a cookie,…).
  18. Lean in. Don’t avoid difficulty and struggle. Instead, shift your mindset. Life is difficult. Accept it.  Transcend it. On the other side? A more positive attitude.
  19. Music, lots of music. All kinds. Any kind. Let it left you. That’s EXACTLY what it’s for. Hold On. It’ll get better soon.
  20. Periodically, harken back to a another, maybe simpler time when you were happy.
  21. Let your hair down and have a slice of cold pizza for breakfast. Or have breakfast for dinner.
  22. Allow simple things to make you happy. Like birds eating from the feeder you put up.
  23. If something isn’t to your liking, don’t whine or wring your hands. Instead, change it, if you are able.  If not, accept it and move on.
  24. Celebrate within the small victories as big wins..
  25. Keep a to-do list, and USE IT, daily. Checking things off the list makes us feel more positive about progress and control.
  26. Journal. Everyday. Write something. Anything. But write it down. You’ll be surprised at the thoughts, and the insights.
  27. Ask for help. Accept help. And help others. We’re in this is together.
  28. Periodically center your attitude, and if you feel it’s slipping away from positive, purposefully RESET to GOOD.
  29. Consider the alternative. Studies show those who worry die young. So it’s not just fluff and fuzzy feel-good stuff, this positive thinking, it’s a matter of life and death.  Choose Positive. Choose Life.
  30. Believe that Positive is greater than Negative. Live that life. Share that life. POSITIVE Wins in the end!
Here are some resources to dig further into the GOOD.

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