Can’t take credit for these, as they’re via a post from “Life is Good”, but they are most certainly worth a blog post, to further the message:

Do these GOOD things, and your life will be GOOD.

1)  Be a cheerleader for others.

2)  Be grateful and count your blessings.

3)  Live in the moment.  Right here, right now.

4)  Let things go.  Don’t hold on to negative experiences or feelings.

5)  Embrace the ups and downs.  Life is roller coaster. Accept it, enjoy it.

6)  Put a positive spin on things.  Lemons you got?  Make lemonade.

7)  Be flexible.  Go with it.

8)  See failures as learning opportunities.

9)  Don’t get bummed out by the weather.  It’s just weather.

My own personal summary goes something like this:  attitude is the single thing you have the most control over, and with a good one, the single thing that will help you enjoy, persevere, and permeate GOOD to others.

It doesn’t cost a dime, and yet a good attitude is priceless.   Get yours today!


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