Weekend Flow

A little something bubbles up sometimes and you have to just let it out.  A stream of words that sum up where you find yourself. This weekend it goes a little like this…

Relief, gratitude, humbled, respect, curious, quiet joy, old music (Queen), hot tea, thoughtful reflection, kids’ play tents, toast, a red ball, Spider-Man, laundry, Jose, crockpots, reconnects with good peeps, diaper changes, new chapters, fearless belief.

Also dirty dishes, envy, Remote bike race action via Twitter (#OMH yesterday, #KBK today), more room, left-overs, planning, fairy wings, luvies, morning sunshine, power windows, small victories, afternoon naps, couches & warm blankets, light rain,  Daniel Tiger,  raspberries, Anchor Steam, bird feeders, electric blue socks, Seth Godin, bocce ball, volunteerism, Castile soap, fleece pants, great neighbors.

Wrap it all up in wonder, call it GOOD.



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