More on Attitude & Making it Good

Attitude is something I think about ALL of the time, as a good one is fundamental to a happy life.  When days are difficult at work, at home, and anywhere in between, I frequently pause to reset the meter to positive if my attitude has strayed.

Last year I wrote a piece about the importance of teaching your kids (if you have them) how to have a good attitude. Lately I’ve been thinking it’s really incumbent on those of us that tend to see things as Half Full, to share that perspective with others, not just little people.

Not only should we share that perspective freely, but we should really encourage others to consider the positive, the other side of the coin, whenever we hear someone waxing negative.

Of course, you have to pick and choose your moments, since such input (or any, for that matter) is not always appropriate or welcome.  That said, I’ve found that this technique is met with favor and maybe even a little, tired smile more often than not.

In fact, injecting a little positive attitude periodically over time actually begets similar, better attitude on the part of those with whom you interact with. They might not say it at the time, nor even very often, but people appreciate having positive people around them.  Folks that can see the brighter side, share another perspective.

After all, no one likes to get dragged down.  And it’s pretty easy to lift people up, in fact, if only we make consistent, sustained efforts to do so.

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