Energy on High? Share it!


Sometimes things just start clicking, as if the universe is aligned and all the gears are churning along in smooth and swift unison.  You feel particularly energized, ready to take on whatever comes your way, motivated in a special way.

When this sort of magic occurs, you should focus on riding the energy surge that’s lifting you up and propelling you forward.  It’s the exact time to pick up the pace and make the most of the extra boost, to get more stuff done.  Go for an extra walk, do a little early evening yard work, clean your desk, attack your to-do list with extra vigor.

On this note, while whittling down your own to-do list is a fine objective, sharing some of the positive energy with others is even better.  Once you realize you’ve got a special energy current underway, the very best you can do is not only get more stuff done for yourself, but add to the greater GOOD effecting others too, at home, at work, or both.

Here are some examples:

  • Hustle for a colleague to get something done
  • Bring sliced watermelon to the break room to share with your co-workers
  • Bake a cake for the work crew as a surprise at lunchtime
  • Clear the kitchen sink of dishes
  • Put away the kids’ toys strewn across the living room floor
  • Write and send a Thank You Note to someone for some small gesture that otherwise might be passed over

So ride the wave, and share the energy ~ everyone will be better off.

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