Two Screens By My Side

How I consume and how I create the words I most often share.

Yes indeed, I write long form and certainly complete business work tasks on a laptop – it’s the most practical and efficient way to accomplish those activities.

But then there’s everyday reading, writing, blogging, posting, sharing…and those activities, those are of a different nature, a different thing.

In those moments — like right now — I most often tap the letters to words, words the ideas — those come out through a smart phone, the most immediate channel to you, the easiest way to quickly scribble the words as they tumble out.

Consuming content, I try to shift to a bigger screen, a tablet, where more fits on the page and images are more clear.

And so the curtain pulled back, that’s how jeff goes, that’s how I roll, and let it flow out, and let it flow in.

Most important? CREATE.

And then GIVE. SHARE.


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