Crab Feed, Crab Cakes, and Hustle: Remembering Howie

This past weekend, a couple big time stamps.

1/ Mentioned in an earlier post, the Charity Crab Feed of our DeAnza Lions Club came back after two years absent due to the COVID pandemic, and it was a tremendous return, inside and out.

2/ This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of our dad’s passing.

What’s the linkage? Our dad was the guy who got my brother and me into the Lions club that threw its 27th crab feed this past weekend.

He’s also the guy who loves crab cakes. A modest meal he and our mom would share back in their final independent years, before age got the better of them.

And hustle? Howie taught us how to hustle; how to get after it; how to not give up and rise to the challenges we faced; challenges we face even today.

Here’s to Howie, grateful still, love him still.

God Bless~

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