Bonus Post: Happy Birthday, Howie Lud

Today is my dad’s birthday, born 87 years ago in 1936. He departed just about five years ago. His spirit lives on.

Remembering his steadfast support, – especially to my mom, caring for her for more than 20 years after she had a stroke in her late 50’s.

I recall his passion for tennis, golf, and fly fishing. He loved to compete; turns out he was sort of manic about it we he himself was in the game. And yet, he was ever encouraging and patient as a coach; he taught various high school sports, including tennis for the better part of 30 years.

I recall his positive attitude, always helping my brother and I learn, cheering us on, lifting us up, there to witness and further our efforts.

His love of the outdoors came through for sure; his preference for keeping the yard tidy did not. 🙂

I hope he smiling down on us still, cheering on our efforts. I know I’m sending a lot of love into the spirit works for his happiness and peace.

Miss you, Dad,

Happy Birthday, Howie Lud!

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