Lyrics Post: “Running to Stand Still”

Pulled this one down again; an oft-repeated theme for this guy become a single parent almost a year back now. I’m sure my kids mom feels the same. All single parents do; even if you’re in ahold co-patenting 50/50 gig like we are.

Damn! Just keep up, it’s rough sometimes…or at least, it’s about all I can do.

Oh, and the song? An early one by U2.

“Running To Stand Still”

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was
Lying still
Said I gotta do something 
About where we’re going

Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain, maybe
Run from the darkness in the night
Singing ha, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la de day

Sweet the sin
Bitter taste in my mouth
I see seven towers
But I only see one way out

You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice

You know I took the poison
From the poison stream
Then I floated out of here
Singing…ha la la la de day
Ha la la la de day
Ha la la de day

She runs through the streets
With her eyes painted red
Under black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway she brings me
White gold and pearls stolen from the sea
She is raging
She is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will…

Suffer the needle chill
She’s running to stand…


Writers: Hewson, Clayton, Evans, Mullen

All Saints’ Day

The day some honor all those deemed “saints” by the church. Maybe that’s even small “c” church; all groups have those model folks others are inspired to emulate.

Good idea to learn from those who’ve gone before us, those who have set a good example, who have showed us the way.

Those who live in the here and now, and choose the high road, who stay calm in the face of chaos, who can rise above, be the light, be the calm.

Those ones, and then they do good, those ones, Saints on Earth. Let’s remember them all, All Saints Day.

One of my favorite saints from times passed, Ignatius of Loyola.

Reflections: Tribe, Time Off…Transitory?

As I wind up a few days with old friends, in a place that I find particularly peaceful and restorative, I reflect,

Just what is it that makes this time so valuable, powerful, desired?

How can I create more of this mindset in my daily life?

How can I make the hustle and bustle of work life and home life and everyday slow, feel more peaceful, more sustainable?

Questions, always questions,

Striving, always striving.

“The Mexicans”

c. 2008

My brothers. Love built over a lifetime of many touches,

Shared experiences,

Periodic, sustained sharing and togetherness,

Sincere respect and appreciation and joy when together,

Together just enough through,

Weddings and children,

Divorce and death,

We’ve supported and sustained and been there uniquely for one another,

Always finding our way back to together.


The Elder, My Daughter / Partner

A fresh idea came to mind recently; I think it might have some momentum.

Elevate her, it helps us both.

Listening. Enjoying. Engaging.

In this new family model, we sure benefit from better cooperation and teamwork. Easier all around with everyone aligned.

Giving it a try, anyway.

It’s a new approach, expanded mindset on my part: how I relate and cooperate, to better accommodate our oldest, and better support the whole family.


Redux: No Fear

Several years back I wrote a piece about “No Fear” — at the time I mentioned “…in the face of the dragon…”, or something like that. I recall feeling strongly about the idea of standing up to things we might fear.

That theme has come up countless times, especially with my three kids, over the past five plus years. Fear comes up again and again. “I’m scared…”, it’s said all the time in our house.

What they sometimes mean is more, “…I’m anxious or nervous or uncertain about how things will go…”, something along those lines. Other times my kids are reasonably fearful, for one or another reason.

So fast-forward to more present time, I recently found this quite from the Brazilian author, Paul Coelho. I love it. It’s perfect. It’s on my facebook background. And now it’s also on the wall in our dining/living area at home too.

Let it be that we live this attitude every hour of every day.

“And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength to keep on going forward despite the fear.”

— Paulo Coelho 


Great, SoulFull weekend a couple weeks back. A few days with friends I hadn’t seen in a while, a couple of years. Had never visited them in their home town.

Did. Four days was a good dose; a SoulFull dose.

And then this past weekend, a few other friends in town for a reunion. Made a plan for a morning coffee meet-up; instead ended up at the host’s house where they we’re staying — I knew that could too — and wound up hanging out until afternoon. Laughing, telling stories, enjoying their collective company.

SoulFull time once again.


Soul filled.