Two Minutes

A lot can happen in two minutes…make the most of it.

Two minutes is the duration of a round in a high school wrestling match.

Sometimes a football offensive team can score a touchdown in two minutes (or less).

Two minutes is a good buffer for winding something down,

like playtime for kids, or finishing a piece of work, or leaving for a trip, or getting ready for dinner.

Take two minutes to pause for yourself, rinse the dinner dishes, reset after an intense effort.

It’s just two minutes. Make the most of it.


With your peeps, that’s when you likely most often experience fellowship.

Your team, your particularly tight work group, high school bunch, college crew, church regulars, you get the idea.

When you experience fellowship with people you just only met? That fellowship?

Well that’s a little different special; that’s a little bit of special magic. And then?

Then you say you’re double blessed.

Sending Cosmic Birthday Vibes

Sending cosmic birthday vibes to my mom, sending prayers, sending good. Her birthday today, 84 today, Amazing!, I say.

I left town in a rush, didn’t get a card out before, seems for me this is often the score. Playing it close, jamming things in to the very end, didn’t get it done,


I’ll take solace in this prayer, the predawn thoughts, the few moments to reflect and bundle that up into love sent across the miles, Cosmic Birthday Vibes flying over the distance between us,

I’ll sing her “Happy Birthday” when I call her from the road today, somewhere between the desert and the Bay Area,

“…Happy Birthday to you…!”

Thanks for everything, Mom,

Hope you’re happy with life, Mom,

You’ve soldiered on through it all, Mom,

A somehow steadiness I’m trying to emulate, educate myself on how to be, still to be, in this world,

I love you, Mom!

Sweet Spot

I think I heard this term first related to tennis rackets; that spot on the webbing where the ball will respond the truest off the surface when it makes contact,

Probably true for golf club faces and baseball bats too…

Concept applied otherwise,

Enough pressure, expectation, but not *too* much so.

Applicable across so many topics, I think.

“Loose but disciplined”, Steve Kerr talking about the flow state the GS Warriors try to create in basketball games, at their best,

Fleeting, but not so, mindset meets moment, properly prepared,

Seeking to create that flow state, smack dab in the middle of the sweet spot, ready, responding, living fully in the moment, right where you want to be.

Just a Bit: Living Buddha, Living Christ; and RIP Thich Nhat Hanh

As one raised in a Christian tradition, but seemingly forever also looking beyond to connect with all of humanity, I was, am delighted to have this book as a reference, guide to some of the universal truths…

…and I’m the next breath, a little tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Zen Master, who died this weekend.

An excerpt from this amazing book, linking East and West…his words live on…

“…The living teaching expressed by the lives of the Buddha and Jesus should always be the models for our practice.

The sutras are not the living teachings of the Buddha. To receive the true teaching, we must emulate the life and work of the Buddha himself. The same is true of Christianity.

The Gospels in their written or even oral form are not the living teaching of Jesus. The teachings must be practiced as they were lived by Jesus.

“The church is the vehicle that allows us to realize those teachings. The church is the hope of Jesus, just as the Sangha is the hope of the Buddha. It is through the practice of the church and the Sangha that the teachings come alive.

Communities of practice, with all their shortcomings, are the best way to make the teachings available to people. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit need the church in order to be manifested. (“Whenever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am.”)

People can touch the Father and the Son through the church. That is why we say that the church is the mystical body of Christ. Jesus was very clear about the need to practice the teaching and to do so in community. He told His disciples to be the light of the world. For a Buddhist, that means mindfulness.

The Buddha said that we must each be our own torch.

Jesus also told His disciples to be the salt of the world, to be real salt. His teaching was clear and strong. If the church practices well the teachings of Jesus, the Trinity will always be present and have a healing power to transform all that it touches.”

Draw The Line

So many different references this simple phrase represents; it all boils down to a parameter. That which you don’t want to cross.

Looking back to Monday, it was a company holiday, but I’d been thinking about doing a little work anyway as a primer for the week.

I resisted. I drew the line at working on a paid holiday, so decreed by my employer.

But lots to do, lots to do…then I think, I could work 24/7 and it’d still be a big hill to climb…so much, but also only so much to give for work, to the churning machine that never sleeps…

So I doubled down on kids time.

And I did a few things around the house; still plenty to do there as well; constant swirl it feels like there too.

And more kids time.

And now the weekend, another chance to draw the line; kids grow up fast, the time with them is precious, truly precious…and so draw that line for them.

Pretty happy about that line.

Pretty darn good.