Trying to make them when I can, moments for the kids, moments for fun.

Not a big thinker most of the time, more an opportunist, open to make it happen if the desire and window of time opens.

Case in point? Mid-Sunday afternoon, at a local park, kids playing, then someone has to go potty, but the bathrooms are locked.

So speed home we did, and along the way someone says, “I want to ride my bike”, and another says, “…but I want to go back to the park…”,

And so when we got home, I threw the bike rack on the back of the car, and the kids wheeled out the bikes, ran back to the car with their helmets, and we sped back to the same park.

Sunset fast approaching, I’d aspired to BBQ before 5p, alas not to be.

Because I opted for the moment, effort to make the moment, a little better, a little more special.

Mind you, not without a little grumpy sprinkled in, striving for the moment,

but when the kids settle in on the snacks,

I remind them of the setting sun, the departure fast approaching,

A little grump veiled as ernest insistence,

But we had the moment, made the moment,


A Tribute: Grandpa Mort

Family, parties, storytelling, all catalysts to express and experience love.

His daughter, mother to my sisters-in-law, humbled me with a gift a few years, a home-made holidays vest.

The nickname “Mort”… from last name Morton. What a great bunch, that family; I never met Grandpa Mort, but I know his daughter.

One of the truest collection of people who believe and celebrate family life like few I’ve experienced.

My brother married in, OUR whole family was blessed as a result. Grandpa Mort’s daughter, my brother’s mother-in-law. She introduced herself to me as “Mort” all those years ago.

Such a great family. Such a great vest. Such a great family spirit.

I only hope a little of the vest’s magic wears off on me.

Im sure I’ll say it again as the season continues. In the spirit of ol’ Grandpa Mort, Happy Holidays, one and all !

Due Diligence

This term, “due diligence”, can mean different things I think, depending on context.

At the core it means doing the needful, being responsible, taking ownership.

There are of course many context for this idea: maybe one of the most important is being responsible for one’s personal health.

Like going to the dentist two or three times a year. Like annual check-ups. Like other tests to check key aspects of your physical health. Attending to your mental health as well.

It’s on each of us to take care of ourselves a first; we can’t help others unless we are also in good shape.

I’m headed in for a check-up procedure myself today; hoping for a good result.

Fingers crossed.

We’ll see.

Bottom line though, good, bad, or otherwise,

Due diligence. Take care of you.

Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, my attitude into the day, the week,

When I first wake, it often comes crashing down…the list is long, things rush into my mind,

My kids, my divorce, a few nagging work issues, the state of my community, the state, the country, the many conflict areas of the world,

No shit, no lie, I pray about Gaza, and Somalia, and Iraq, and Ethiopia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, every day, comes rushing into my mind, and for the people, especially the children, I pray….and for my own kids, I pray for them, this far, and into eternity…

Things rushing in, rushing in…

But it’s not enough, or maybe just enough, to keep it all at bay,

It’s a funny thing, why do I feel that way, most every day, Never mind, push through, funny or otherwise, just got to do it,


How It Goes

How It Goes,

What I hope anyway, something like this, something like today,

Fun adventure to see my auntie, the kids’ great aunt, SF Lady, not sure what’s in store,

Turns out great,

dining spot great,

Visit great,

Grateful for the time.

Then one, then two stops in SF,

Two parks, both fun, great spots for lots of kids fun.

Then home and dinner,

Some laundry and baths,

Vintage cartoons all through,

All Good.

So blessed, and grateful, and inspired,

What should,

Be today, tomorrow, each day,

Connected, striving, thriving,


Good Eats
Good Fun
More Good Fun
Great Fun
We’ll Be Back

Easy Start

She relishes the easy start to the day.

No immediate obligation, no immediate demands.

Dim light of early morning sifts through the drapes, soft crackle of the heater, heavy covers spilled over her.


If a kid come in, it will be a morning cuddle, secretly she hopes one does. Even two are welcome, just not three. She only had two sides to lie on.

Whether she as a little visitor or not, no immediate plan to execute, no marshaling out the gate, what’s their fate today?


And it all begins with the easy start, so welcome, the easy start, so grateful.

Easy Does It

Midst of it all, easy does it.

Swirl of holiday schedule, mishmash of things, all demanding your time and attention, easy does it.

Like my grandma awake in the middle of the night doing her crossword, me taping away on lists and posts, get it all out of your head, easy does it.

Pressed too hard, too many things, your best response might be, easy does it.

House clean, errands run, menu decisions, meal prep, remember the point, the underlying intent,

be thankful,

easy does it.

Feed the People: Last Entry 2021

Here’s how it ended up,

42nd Annual DeAnza Lions Club Thanksgiving Food Drive 2021:

7 stops,

220 families,

460 boxes of food,

maybe 900 (plus) people served,

about 30 Lions and Friends/Family of Lions, much GOOD…

#WeServe #LionsClubs

Boxes stage for packing
Food Boxes loaded for deliveries
Last Delivery, Watsonville
Baby Strollers Turned Shopping Carts
Strollers Lined Up For Pick Up