Early Morning Overdrive

Early morning workdays, they seem to start like this most days. Overdrive. Zero to sixty in no time.

My mind goes from dreamy rest to racing thoughts, flashing across my mind’s eye.

List accelerating, things, tasks to-do’s adding to the bottom and the list gets long in a hurry. Quickly spiraling, my heart beat quickens, can’t be good to think this fast this quick.

In the pre-dawn darkness, I work to slow it down, the race into the day, the pace someone, no one is expecting, I take deep breaths, I scribble it all down, eyes blurred, unsure of how it all will go.

Forcing myself to slow, let it all flow through, the Prime Reminder, let love flow through, the Prime Mover, purpose, and take it as it comes, as the day is underway, workday, the way it begins many a day,

For me.


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