Late-Night Brain Wanderings

Sometimes late into the night if you wake up the brain starts to wander.

Depending on the obligations the next day, this turns out to be either an unplanned stresser of lost sleep, or safe but reckless feeling-lark. As I lay down the base of the draft for this post it is a bit of the latter.

It’s 237am on Labor Day 2021 as I write this.

Funny, a year later these things still ring true.

No work Monday; no school Monday. Just “fun” on the docket. And a few chores. And trying to beat the heat wave currently settled over the Bay Area, over the west.

The ceiling fan is on high. It’s probably 90 degrees in the bedroom.

Letters to write.

My mind spins, thinking about everything I “could, should and would like to do” with the day off, with the hours my life.

Chores to do.

Articles to read.

Coffee to drink.

Things for write.

And then there’s things that are coming.

More work learning, projects, deadlines.

Continuing to maximize quality of life on the home front.

Ordering Blistex for my mom.

And on and on and on. Fortunately, these thoughts are manageable this time around.

But why does the brain do this? Why oh why?

Consider, and then let go. Sleep comes more quickly after these thoughts flow through.

Uncertainty, then anxiety, increasing, angst and then…calm.

Funny thing? I wrote this a year ago. Still happens. Busy brain, busy brain.

Until the next time.

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