Self-Care, Part Two

Considering more about self-care, more about what’s ok, what’s not,

What has to be ok is taking care of yourself, looking after your needs, listening to you head, your heart,

“To thine own self be true”, so the saying goes, if not each of us true to ourselves,

What is there? What is there?

Carve out the time, carve out the care, self-care, find the places to slow things down,

Just doing so seems not ok sometimes, have to force myself to get out, force myself to do for me,

Do for me, looking after me, strange thought, looking after me, doing what’s best for me,

On any given day, strange thought indeed,

But I will, I do, I must,

I must,

Look after myself, self-care, carve out the time, carve it out for myself, of myself, for me,

to make it,


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