Not the musician, though I should write about him someday, because I don’t know anything about him. For this post, rather, I’m talking about the word that indicates ordinary, regular, hmm…maybe accustom. As in, accustom to something. Common, like nothing extraordinary.

It’s a common theme in life, the concept of change. Change, adjusting, accommodating.

Maybe this skill, to do so, is commonly needed, but not so common. At least not naturally.

And maybe our ability to adjust is anything but common. Maybe it can become extra-ordinary, perhaps it makes one extra-ordinary, to fluidly shift and accommodate the demands, sands changing below our feet,

Work, parenting, schooling, playing, struggling, failing and again rising, to rise again, try again, to win,

To win…is this the common goal? Perhaps more common to just be, content, in the “now” of the moment,

Content to step and then pause, and then repeat, common path, common breath,

Let us all take a deep breath, and then another, to share in our common humanity, struggles, joys,

Let’s make joy more common, and adapt ourselves therein.

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